Interview Preparation for Canada Visa

Even before you start preparing for a Canada visa interview, be rest assured that though a lot will depend on your luck, you can ace the interview by being confident. In fact, your confidence can really turn things your way even if it might seem an uphill task initially. Here are some of the preparation tips that you should follow in order to ace an interview for a Canadian visa.

Follow the Basic Rules: No matter whether you are applying for the visa as a tourist, student or entrepreneur you would be required to maintain the basic decorum that is followed in all kinds of interviews. Here's a glimpse of the same:

    Be punctual No matter whatever the situation is, do not resort to lies--- there are a number of instances whereby aspirants have lied regarding their future status in the country. That's why interviewers have become stricter with their scrutiny. There are chances of your lies being caught more easily now. Even if you have a criminal record against you, don't lie if you are asked about the same. Explain the circumstances that led to your arrest, in that case. Communicate well- in case you don't understand certain questions make sure you are asking the interviewer about the same.

Arrange Your Documents Properly: Please ensure that all your documents are in order. Please check them thoroughly before stepping out for the interview. Arrange them in a folder so that you can present them right on being asked for. Some of the important documents to be carried are your IT returns, bank statements, consultancy documents etc. And yes, please don't make the mistake of not cross checking the form filled up by you or your travel agent. Make sure there are no spelling errors or anything of that sort.

Prepare the Questions: Avail online help in a bid to acquaint yourself with the general interview questions asked. Document them separately and frame answers accordingly. Here are a few examples:

  • Q1.Please provide some information about your background/family.
  • Q2.Are you living alone or with your parents? Do you plan to take them to Canada as well?
  • Q3.How much do you know about Canada?
  • Q4.Do you know anyone in Canada?
  • Q5.Where would you be staying in the country? Give me the exact location.
  • Q6.Have you ever been abroad before? If yes, where have you been?
  • Q7.For how many days are you willing to stay in Canada?
  • Q8.Who's sponsoring this trip for you? Show me the concerned person's earning details.
  • Q9.Which Canadian cities would you be visiting for sure?
  • Q10.How can you convince me that you will come back to India after your trip?
  • Q11.Has your visa application been rejected before?

Student Visa

  • Q12.Who is sponsoring your education?
  • Q13.Where did you complete your under graduation course from?
  • Q14.Please show me your TOEFL or GRE score.
  • Q15.Please tell us about your course commencement date. When will it be over?
  • Q16.What will you be doing during your vacations?
  • Q17.Please state the location of your university in Canada.
  • Q18.What is your undergraduate GPA?
  • Q19.Are you in contact with any of the professors in the university?
  • Q20.How do you think pursuing this particular degree in Canada will be of help for you?
  • Q21.What is the annual earning of your father?
  • Q22.Why are you being provided with this scholarship?
  • Q23.Do you plan to work in Canada after your education is complete?
  • Q24.Would you be receiving any school waiver?
  • Q25.Name some of the professors of the university you have applied for.


Interview Preparation for China Visa

No matter how badly you are willing to grab the visa for China, all your hard work applying for the visa by filling up the form, hiring a reliable travel agent can all go in vain if you are not able to crack the all important interview. So make sure you are not acting complacent about it, thinking that all interviewers ask is about general questions about your purpose of visit, duration of stay. Please remember that without the lack of knowledge about the tricks of the trade, even the simplest questions might seem to overwhelm you. Therefore, go through the following tips mentioned below in a bid to secure that much coveted visa.

Start Early: It is highly advisable that you start preparing for the much anticipated interview for China visa days in advance- even before you get a call. Conduct a general survey on the types of questions asked at the interview by availing online help and start preparing. Make sure you are approaching each and every answer with honesty, confidence, and due assertion. Once you try answering these questions in front of a mirror you would be able to identify possible glitches in your tone, way of speaking or else in the way of relating your experiences to the interviewer. Make sure you are practicing thoroughly in order to eliminate possible flaws. Nervousness or shyness to request your interviewer to repeat any question that you haven't understood are apparently minor glitches that can actually end up costing your chances of procuring the China visa in a major way. So steer clear of complacence before attending the interview.

Documents: Some of the important documents that you might end up needing for a China visa include:

  • IT returns
  • Bank statements
  • Earning details (of the person funding your trip or education in China--- in case you're visiting the country for business purposes then its better to carry the revenue details of the company if the trip is funded by it)
  • Consultancy papers
  • Copy of your degrees or certificates if you are visiting for education purposes.

Make sure that the relevant papers are arranged in order and you are not fumbling when you are asked to produce them at the interview.

Questions You Can Expect

Now, to one of the most crucial parts of the interview preparations--- jotting down questions that you might be asked at the interview might be of major help. Here are some examples:

  • Q1.Why are you willing to visit China?
  • Q2.Who will be sponsoring your trip?
  • Q3.Where exactly will you be staying in China?
  • Q4.What kind of job do you have?
  • Q5.Has your visa ever been rejected before?
  • Q6.Are you planning to come back after your trip is over?
  • Q7.Please share the details of your contact person there.
  • Q8.How do you plan to convince me that you will be coming back to India after the trip?
  • Q9.What would you do if you somehow come across a job offer in the country while staying there?
  • Q10.Are you aware of the expenses that you will have to bear while staying there?

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