Interview Preparation for Russia Visa

Russian visas might be issued for specific purposes and the different types of visas that are granted include- Tourist Visas, Transit Visas, Business Visas, Private Visas and Student Visas. The visa authorities or interviewers are very strict while approving visa applications because there have been many instances where candidates have been found lying and providing fake documents.

It would only be advisable that you prepare yourself thoroughly before appearing for the interview. Here are some tips to do the same:

1.  No matter, for whichever visa (viz. Business, Student etc) you’re applying for, you are at least taking some time out to prepare a list of anticipated questions that can be asked. Take the aid of Internet or people who have visited Russia in this regard.

2. Know about the Places in Russia. It would be advisable if you at least jot down 5 greatest attractions of Russia that you are about to visit. It would be particularly helpful when you have applied for a tourist visa. Though the interviewer might just ask you about places that you would like to visit there, it would be better if you can particularly mention at least 5 places and your reasons to visit there. In fact the Russian Consulate has stated clearly that you need to mention at least 5 top cities of Russia that you want to visit, on your cover letter.

3. Arrange the Documents: Make sure that you are investing due time in arranging your documents like bank statements, photographs, degrees and certificates (in case you have applied for a student visa), income tax returns, earning details ( your own and preferably of the person sponsoring your trip). Arrange them in separate folders so that you can provide them whenever required.

4. Some of the key points that interviewers would be stressing on are:

    i. The purpose of your visit to Russia
    ii. Whether you have the required funds to stay in Russia
    iii. Whether you have intentions of coming back or not

Some of the possible interview questions that you may end up facing are listed below:

    1. Why are you interested in visiting Russia?
    2. Do you know anyone in the country?
    3. Which places are you going to visit there?
    4. Tell us about the exact location where you will be staying in the country.
    5. Are you going to come back?
    6. Who is sponsoring your trip? Please show me his earning details.
    7. Do you pay income tax regularly?
    8. Do/ does your child or children stay there?
    9. Will your spouse accompany you to Russia?
    10. Please give us details of your contact person in the country.
    11. Do you have about the kind of money that you would have to spend for staying in Russia?
    12. What’s the duration of your trip?
    13. Are your tickets already booked?
    14. What will you do if you get a job offer in Russia?
    15. Do you plan to extend your visa?

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