Interview Tips - Dos and doníts

Mastering the art of an interview may not be an overnight process. You may end up performing exceptionally well with top quality performance in the technical rounds of your respective fields but fail miserably while dealing with aptitude or behavioral questions. Therefore a bit of knowledge on the dos and doníts of an interview always helps. Remember that you have to give your best shot at interview -- be it a boardroom interview or a dining interview. Here are some cardinal rules which are to be followed to crack the interview.

Interview Tips: Dos

Cardinal Rules

Dress properly Ė Both men and women should opt formal attire with men preferably going for full sleeve shirts of light colors, formal pants and formal shoes. Choose the length of your tie carefully. Women can go for a saree neatly teamed with aptly coordinated blouse or for Western wear like shirt and skirts or formal pants.

Little or no make-up: Neatly tied hair, light foundation etc

Be organized: ďHow would you rate your organization skills?Ē might be one of the questions posed in the course of your interview. However try to organize yourself even before you attend the interview. Segregate your documents in a folder so that you can take out the documents whenever asked for without fumbling.

Be Positive: Maintain a positive vibe throughout. Even if you feel that the interview is not turning out the way as per your expectations try to keep up an affable disposition throughout the entire process and leave on a friendly note as well.

Be Punctual- Be it a dining interview or an office interview or an even an online interview---make sure that you are always on time.

Adopt an agreeable body language with keen attention to things like hand eye movement, keeping up a little smile on your face etc

Be a good listener

Dining Interview

Try to gain some knowledge about the restaurant you are visiting

Order Dry Food

Brush up your table manners like placement of fork, glass, napkin etc

Indicate that you have finished your food by placing your napkin on the table

Telephone or Online Interview

Make sure whichever device you are using phone, PC or Laptop (for Skype interviews), mobile etc is perfectly in order

Try to clear your voice while speaking; you might keep a glass of water handy to fulfill that purpose from time to time

During an online interview make sure you are dressed properly and your workstation is neat

Interview Tips: Doníts

Dress in an improper manner: Donít over-dress, or go for exceedingly flamboyant, flashy or sporty clothes. Tight skirts, improper hairstyle, or revealing clothes are a strict no-no for girls

Sound or talk negative about anything--- be it your outlook towards your life or about your ex employers-be positive

Chew gums

Apply strong colognes

Wear garish make-up

Be unpunctual

Look anywhere else rather than at the speakerís face while conversing

Offer to pay for the food during a lunch or dining interview

Talk with your mouth full (in a dining interview)

Keep your elbows on the table (in a dining interview)

Let a scene be created in your surrounding while attending a telephone or online interview

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