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You have just been successful in landing up with an interview call from a well-known IT company. Itís quite natural that you are going through a gamut of emotions at present but make sure that you donít let these emotions linger for too long thereby clouding your preparedness before the interview. The Information Technology has been instrumental in introducing and consolidating the corporate work culture in our country and you need to tactfully bring your abilities to the fore to master the skills of a typical IT interview. Here are some tips to do the same.

Know the ďWorldĒ: Now, as one of the main forces behind the corporate world the IT sector has been responsible for giving birth to a whole new attitude towards work. Expect such innovations in the interview processes as well. To start off with, be prepared to face any kind of interview for a job in the IT industry. Gone are the days when professional rendezvous was strictly confined to conventional boardroom encounters. An IT interview can be anything from a typical office interview to a Telephonic or else a dinner or lunch interview. Each of these kinds of rendezvous requires different skills and itís only advisable that you take the trouble to master them in accordance.

Know About the IT Industry: As a potential job seeker itís least likely that you are completely lacking even a general idea about Information Technology. As one of the crucial contributors to our economy, happenings in this sector always make it to the headlines. Be duly aware of the recent news and views making the rounds so that you yourself are not only keeping abreast of the latest happenings but are duly shaping your own views about the industry as well.

Know about the Company: In all likelihood you are going to leave your hiring manager or interviewer irate if you are coming up with vague answers regarding the past, and the present noteworthy exploits of the company. So prepare accordingly.

Donít Lose Yourself: Itís absolutely alright to be completely focused on acing the interview, but thereís no need to fake it in order to grab an offer. There is no doubt that you need to sell yourself by highlighting your strong points and past and present accomplishments. But refrain from lying or exaggerating about your achievements. Remember to include this point while rehearsing as well.

Dress properly: One of the biggest attributes that would aid you in cracking an IT interview will be your willingness to follow the dress code. Try to sport attires that are decent and help the interviewer to focus more on your skills than the attire. For instance, steer clear of sporting shocking bright colors like pink, red, yellow or green. Solid colors like navy blue, grey, brown and black are the most suitable for these occasions. Take similar care to choose your perfume, make-up, shoes and accessories for the rendezvous. Choose your dress at least two days in advance so that you have the required time to come up with due changes, if you feel the need to do so later on. Go subtle on the eyes. Stick to the rules. There is no need to be remembered for your attire.

Donít forget the basics: Last, but not the least, follow the basic rules of interview like punctuality, maintenance of due body language, etc. The corporate world can prove to be quite unrelenting when it comes to deadlines and overall time management. So signs of unpunctuality on the day of the interview itself can affect your chances in a major way. Similarly corporate behavior has much to do with your body language that is going to be under serious scrutiny in the interview as well.

Last Updated On:09/09/2013

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