Interview Preparation for ITC Limited

ITC has started its journey way back in 1970 as a tobacco manufacturing company (India Tobacco Company), with time it diversified its operations and started new ventures. Today ITC Limited is a renowned name in the fields of FMCG products, Hotels, Agro-based Products, Fashion & Lifestyle, IT, Stationary, Packaging, Bakery and what not. ITC is also valued for its societal responsibilities and sustainable livelihood contribution. Over all the growth, market reputation and work culture all together makes ITC a highly desirable job/career destination.

Every year thousands and thousands of people apply for and compete to procure a job position in ITC. Enlighten your passion to associate with the zealous ITC limitedís team of professionals; by knowing about the process of ITCís hiring, i.e. the ITC interview- process, stages, questions and useful tips to follow.

Interview Procedure for ITC Limited

ITC Limited undertake both on campus and off campus interviews. For the managerial and higher level posts, mostly off campus interviews are conducted. ITC interview process basically comprises of following stages:

  • Written Test
  • Group Discussion
  • HR Round
  • Personal Interview

Depending on the post and number of vacancies there could be a less or few more rounds in the interview.

Prerequisites of Interview Preparation for ITC Limited

  • Before applying for a job with ITC, make sure that your resume and cover letter are both customized according to ITC and the job position.
  • Start researching about the company, division and job as soon as you apply for the job, infact before that; so that your resume is well customized.
  • Use only a latest format of resume that is currently used in the industry.
  • Use resume writing tips to increase the chances of getting your resume noticed in the pool of applications.

Interview Tips for ITC Limited

Some Basic Tips or interview techniques to follow or to keep in mind while preparing for ITC interviews are:

  • First thing to be done is to gather as much knowledge as you can, about the company ITC Ltd., its business lines/operations and its competitors. Also be aware of the market situations.
  • Before you start preparing for the interview, you must first get aware of the job position you are applying for. Know what job responsibilities would be associated with them and what would be the qualification-skill-experience required for this job.
  • Having known the job and its requirements match it with you. Analyze what are the demands of the job and how you fulfill them.
  • Analyze your situation well to know your strengths and weakness, so that you are ready with them before you are questioned about them.
  • Start preparing well in advance, waiting for the interview time to come near will be a foolís thought.
  • Must do the basic preparation of the job interview like preparing your interview day file, formal clothes; know the address and way to the interview venue, etc.
  • Be calm, composed, confident and well mannered.
  • Listen to the complete question and then answer.
  • Research in interview preparation books and internet. Try even to contact some current/past employees to get tips/advice on how to prepare for an interview with ITC.
  • Work out the question format, practice the most common questions as well technical/field specific questions.
  • Practice interview etiquettes and also have some questions prepared, that you would ask in the interview. Asking questions shows your enthusiasm and proactive nature.
  • Try to know about your interviewer, this can greatly help you ace in the interview knowing his interests and the type of question he would ask.
  • While in the interview room, try to be friendly. With your wits and humor you can try to give the interview a pull towards your area of strength. But do not over-try.

Last updated On:4/10/2013

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