Interview Preparation for Jet Airways

Getting through to the interview for the much desired profile at the esteemed Jet Airways will not be an easy task. But if this statement makes you nervous then you better start preparing way ahead to get over that. Remember you have got a hang of the aviation life in your training courses so there should not be anything that can actually scare you out of your wits on the most important day. See for yourself how you can ace the interview!

  • Make your training your ground for necessary preparation
    The vocational training courses for air hostess, cabin crew etc, today are designed with a view to aid you in getting a hang of the entire aviation industry. It helps in you in mastering nuances that can help you stand out among potential candidates interviewing for the post. You might get overwhelmed with a call from the aviation giant called Jet Airways and that might lead you to make common mistakes at the interview. The courses are there to help you with that also. Understand that they are not only there to grant you necessary certificates to brand you as a potential fit for the industry but also nurture your innate skills required for the job you are applying for. Thus make use of it. Remember each and every piece of valuable advice rendered in your one or two year courses. Then try to apply them when the all important day of the interview approaches. It is much better to utilize all this advice rather than panicking about your preparations a few days before the interview.
  • Look up the Internet for possible general, behavioral and technical questions since Jet Airways asks questions from all
    these categories.
  • Learn about the company- its history, present exploits and also a bit about the present aviation industry
  • He/she should listen to the questions very carefully.
  • No matter whichever position you are interviewing for it is better to be well groomed---make sure you are dressed decently. You don’t need to go to the parlor to have a pedicure, manicure and facial etc. Just keep your nails short without a speck of dirt in them. Make sure your skin and teeth are ok. Don’t wear anything outrageous—be it is perfume, or dress, or shoe or make up. If you are interviewing for the cabin crew‘s position then there will be a panel checking your height, weight, teeth, dress etc, thus be careful.
  • Check the way you walk
  • Keep a smile on your face, which is particularly required when they will give you an announcement to read out (for a cabin crew’s position)
  • Prepare well for the written examinations as well
  • There will be panelists judging most of your interview rounds. So prepare accordingly.

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