Job Interview Jitters and How to Tackle Them

The very thought of attending an interview can even make even the most experienced of professionals jittery despite the fact that they’ve been through numerous interview sessions in the past. In the present times, the screening process for selecting candidates even for entry-level positions is quite stringent and meticulous to ensure that only the most deserving of job applications get through.

So it goes without saying that if you’re scheduled to appear for a job interview, you must be thoroughly prepared for the same. However, it’s quite normal to feel anxious about your interview. As the interview date tends to approach closer, your anxiety level keeps rising. The following guidelines should help you in keeping your interview jitters at bay.

1 Go Thoroughly Prepared

You should attend the interview session thoroughly prepared. There’s no two ways about it. Bear in mind that landing the job for which you’re being interviewed will be extremely difficult as there’d be hundreds of other candidates who’ll be competing with you for the coveted position. The best way in which you can increase your chances of getting an offer of employment is to identify and sharpen your innate and acquired skills, and relate about them in an anecdotal manner. In other words, cite instances from your past jobs where you exploited your skills in a professional manner to effectively fulfil your work responsibilities which ultimately contributed to the organization’s growth and development.

2 Rehearse Well with Mock Interviews

One good way of dealing with the nervousness surrounding an interview is to make self familiar with the actual interview process. You can request some of your closest friends, mentors, and seniors to simulate the real interview procedure by presiding over a mock session. The more mock sessions you practice, the more confident you feel about facing the actual one.

3 Pick Up as Much Information as You can about The Company

You can take it for granted that you’ll be asked to share your knowledge about the organization where you’ve applied for a job. Therefore collate as much information as you can about the company by researching on the net and reading journals and yearbooks released by the organization. Once you have comprehensive data about the target establishment, you’ll be able to enter the interview room brimming with confidence and feeling less jittery.

4 Think Positively and be Optimistic

You’ve been selected to attend the interview after a rigorous screening process. So, consider yourself fortunate that you’ve at least got an opportunity to explain and justify why you’re the best fit for the position you’ve applied for. Think positively about yourself and be optimistic. Give a pat yourself on the back for having earned the right to attend the session.

5 Anticipate the Worst That Might Happen and be Mentally Prepared for it

The worst thing that might happen in relation to your job interview is that you may not get an offer of employment. But of course, this job interview is certainly not going to be the last one you’d be attending. You’ll get umpteen opportunities for attending interviews for different job positions in the future. If you fail to make it through the interview process even after tried earnestly, you can analyse on where you faltered and learn from the experience.

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