Johns Hopkins University

The Johns Hopkins University is a not-for private research university, situated in Baltimore in Maryland, United States of America. It got its name from philanthropist Johns Hopkins and was established in the year 1876.

The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine contributed significantly to the way physicians were educated, medical training was imparted and the way medical researches were conducted nationally and globally. The university designed strict entrance requirements for its students with its curriculum incorporating laboratory research, bedside teaching etc. It offers programs in

  • PhD/M.D
  • M.D
  • Allied Health Professionals
  • Graduation

Personal Interview
If you have been invited to attend a personal interview with the university, you need to take it as an opportunity to convey your goals and commitment to the admissions committee. Please make sure that you are reviewing your secondary and standardized application for the school. If you have received any study material that the university itself has sent you then you should take the trouble of going through the same thoroughly.

How Can You Prepare for the Interview? Know What you Would be Tested On: The reason why you have been called for the personal interview is clear. You have had the opportunity to prove your knowledge in your written examinations, now the interviewer or the admissions committee also wants to judge your interpersonal skills, your commitment to the medicine industry, your compassion (one of the key qualities of medical practitioners) towards others etc. The committee would be definitely looking at your problem-solving and decision-making skills- whether you’re tolerant towards cultural differences or not etc. When it comes to proving your commitment towards the medical university you need to convey that you have taken a well informed decision to join the medical industry and that you’re equally sure about your decision of applying to the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. You must also be able to demonstrate your own understanding of the physical and emotional demands of this career and your abilities to meet those demands.

Some Questions You Can Expect

  • Why do you want to join The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine?
  • Please tell us about your family.
  • Why do you want to pursue a career in medicine?
  • What kind of lab experience do you have?
  • What really motivates you to become a physician?

Multiple Mini Interviews

Here is a glimpse of what you should prepare for the MMI or Multiple Mini Interview:

Topics to Consider

  1. Dealing with under-aged (less than 18 years) patients
  2. Bioethics cases
  3. Persuasive and compassionate verbal skills
  4. Breaking sensitive or bad news
  5. Current events in health care
  6. How to reason with patients or their family members
  7. Basic laws governing medical practice
  8. Near end-of-life scenarios

It is also suggested that when an interview date is offered to you, you accept it with the intention of not cancelling it later on. Committing to attend the interview and not showing up for the same, might pose problems for the school professionals and jeopardize your relations with them. In case, you have an emergency, it is advised that you get in touch with the university and inform them about the entire situation.

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