Karolinska Institute

Karolinska Institute or Karolinska Institutet is a medical university situated in Solna that again is in the Stockholm urban area. Touted as one of the most esteemed medical universities of Sweden, this is also one of the largest in Europe.

The Department of Medicine (that of Karolinska Institute), Solna offers undergraduate degrees for both medical and biomedical students. There are post-graduate and PhD courses as well. The research department of the Department of Medicine of the Karolinska University Hospital in Solna focuses primarily on three main areas:

  • Cardiovascular medicine
  • Allergy
  • Inflammatory diseases

  • Interview

    The brief introduction (above) might have given you an idea about the background of the university. It is perhaps one of the best in the entire continent. Preparing for an interview in medicine itself might seem a daunting task. Your anxieties are bound to multiply manifold if youíre about to interview for an university of such repute. But fret not! The key would be to prepare well- to mold yourself for a personal interview. Please remember, that a personal interview is different from a written test. Here, beside your knowledge your interpersonal skills would also be under the radar. Avail a few preparation tips, as mentioned below, and youíre well set!

    Rid Yourself of Presumptions: As soon as students receive a mail or a call for an interview- the first thing that they mostly end up doing is making frantic phone calls to seniors who hail from the university in question (of course, if they know these seniors personally). They perhaps want to know everything about the way things work during an interview. Getting in touch with seniors to get a hang of things is definitely a great idea. But there is a suitable time for it. Its understandable that you have a number of thoughts in your mind that you need to clarify, but you should seek the right way to do the same. There might be a number of people whom you know out there- coming up with their own opinions. What happens in the process is that you tend to assume things too much about the university. Your assumptions are based on what others are saying- not on your research. Make sure that this is not happening. Youíre doing your own research about the background of the university, the kind of ideals it upholds etc and form an idea of your own and then approach seniors to come forward with their opinions. But donít be too swayed by their views, please be prudent enough to trust your own judgment. Listen to your seniorsí advice but do not be swayed by them.

    Prepare yourself Well: This is, needless to mention, the most important part of your interview preparation process. Go through several chapters of your subject properly. Jot down questions and prepare answers. Make sure that you are clarifying doubts properly.

    Some Doís and Doníts

    • Dress properly- make sure you’re learning about the dress code
    • Arrive on time
    • Do not adopt wrong body language (or facial expression) even if something is not going your way

    Some Questions You Can Expect

    • Why do you want to pursue PhD?
    • Please tell us about your previous research experience.
    • What type of projects did you handle earlier?
    • What do you know about us?
    • Why do you want to join us?

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