Kyoto University – Kyoto (Japan)

Kyoto University is a national university situated in Japan and is the second oldest university of the country. It remains one of the most reputed universities across the world and one of the highest ranked academic institutions of Asia. In case, you have got the opportunity to appear for an interview for admission in this college, then make sure that you are preparing yourself properly for the same. .

Do not think that just because you’ve scored brilliantly in your written examinations you would be successful in cracking the personal interview as well. A face-to-face interview is a completely different ballgame. Here, you might as well have to face a barrage of questions from someone who has had years of experience in academics or at least in the course of study that you have chosen to pursue. So prepare yourself accordingly. Here are a few ways in which you can do the same.

Start with Online Research: The internet can be a good resource while you start jotting down probable questions to prepare for the interview. You can find out a lot of information regarding the general interview questions that are asked to students of colleges or universities during their admissions. You can jot these questions down and prepare answers accordingly. There are a lot of general and behavioral interview questions that can be found here. Watching a couple of online videos would help you in mastering the perfect body language required for the interview as well. Look up the subject specific interview questions as well.

Conduct Mock Interview:Make sure that you’re dedicating due time in preparing the same. The nervousness of facing an interviewer (perhaps for the first time in your life) can take a toll on your preparations. One of the effective ways to deal with it would be to practice answering these questions in front of the mirror or in front of a friend. Since you’re looking at yourself in the mirror, it would be easier for you to identify possible flaws here. Your facial expressions and overall body language would be closely scrutinized. So make sure that you’re rectifying any flaw hereby. If you’re practicing like this on a regular basis before your interview you would also be able to treat speech problems (like stammering) to a great extent.

Prepare Your Dress in Advance: Your interview dress is one of the most important aspects that you should take care of. Make sure that you are not turning up before the interviewer dressed in an eccentric manner. You do not necessarily have to sport strictly formal clothes. But do not turn up dressed in entirely casual attire as well. It would be advisable that you stick to semi-formals. If possible, it would be great if you find out if the university itself has set any dress code or not.

Possible Interview Questions that You Can Face

Q1.Why do you want to join us?
Q2.What do you know about our university?
Q3.Why are you pursuing this course?
Q4.What are your future plans in terms of your career?
Q5.What are your strengths?

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