How to Prepare for Lab Technician Interview?

Preparing for interviews for the post of lab technician will require you to do the following things:

  • Needless to mention your technical knowledge will be tested according to the post you are applying for--- Medical Appliance Lab Technician, Ophthalmic Lab Technician, Dental Lab Technician, Clinical Lab Technician, etc, thus prepare accordingly.
  • Ask yourself again and again what are proofs, and claims required to back your credentials and organize your resume and other documents in accordance.
  • Look up the net and other sources for the interview questions asked and jot them down in a pdf file or a word document and practice them on a regular basis

  • As a lab technician it is your primary duty to be familiar and proficient with different equipments used in a lab and answer questions on them without fumbling--- thus make a list of things you have already worked with. The safety standards followed for each one of them and also try to gain some knowledge of stuff you are yet to use
  • Be well prepared to answer questions on cleanliness, problem solving, different safety measures etc
  • Check and re check you CV so as to ensure that none of the important points are missing
  • List your past experiences at your work place with special mention of things like “things you have learnt”, “times you had failed to deliver or had performed unexpectedly well”, “times you had led a team” or “had come up with a solution” etc to answer relevant situational or behavioral questions
  • A thorough research on the organization you are interviewing at, is required

Lab Technician Interview—Dos and Don’ts

  • Be Punctual—arriving at least fifteen minutes before is a must
  • Make sure all you documents to be shown are well organized and kept handy so that you don’t waste time in rummaging when they are asked for
  • Dress professionally
  • Make sure that you are well prepared to answer the behavioral questions testing your work efficiency, team skills, etc besides the technical questions thrown at you
  • Make sure that you are completely aware of all the nuances of the chemical equipments, experiments and safety standards used or conducted by you at different points of time in your career—going wrong there can seriously jeopardize you chances
  • Maintain a perfect body language like sitting straight, maintaining eye contact with the interviewer, and perfect hand eye coordination etc
  • Make sure that you come across as someone who knows his trade well but is also willing to learn

  • Be unpunctual
  • Dress in an eccentric manner
  • >Sound arrogant
  • Slouch
  • Go unprepared
  • Forget to check and recheck your resume ·
  • Answer in a negative with respect to questions like “Are you flexible to change?” or “Are you comfortable in working in a team?”

Lab Technician—Best Companies to Target
  • Dreamz Consultancy - Durgapur, West Bengal
  • Vedant Diagnostic Centre - Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Omega Hospitals, Hyderabad
  • Thyrocare Technologies ltd, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Shree Tirupati Group, Thane
  • Shail, Indore, MP
  • Fugro Geotech, Mumbai
    • Strategic Alliance Management Services, Mumbai

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