Mayo Clinic College of Medicine

The Mayo Clinic College of Medicine teaches its students about future medicine so that they become empathetic, extraordinary and sincere about proper patient care. It offers Doctoral degrees in Psychology, Biomedical Sciences, Speech Pathology, Post Ph.D and Health Sciences. The Masterís degree is offered in Nurse Anesthesia, Residencies and Fellowships, Clinical and Translational Science, M.D., Ph.D. Besides, it also offers Continuing Medical Education or CME degree.

There are chances of you being called for an interview if you have applied here. The Associate Dean of Student Affair generally assesses the applications and selects candidates (whom they deem qualified after evaluating the applications) for an on campus interview.

Some Important Preparation Tips

Thorough preparations are a must for you to crack the all important interview. Grooming yourself for an interview at a medical school is definitely not an easy task. You might be required to follow quite a grueling preparation schedule in order to succeed. Patience would be the mantra of success here. Additionally try to strike a balance between emotions- neither be overwhelmed by the pressure of doing well, nor be too complacent about the same. Your test scores donít really reflect your interpersonal skills much while a personal interview helps to do just the same.

Empathy, communication, respect for confidentiality, problem solving abilities are some of the marks of a good medical practitioner. So, do know for a fact that your interviewer would be looking in to all these while considering your candidacy.

Make sure that you are sitting down with and jotting down all types of questions asked at interviews and framing answers accordingly. Take the help of Internet in order to find out about these questions.

Learn about the university (i.e. background properly). Find out about its roots, how it has contributed to the present healthcare system of which you yourself are a part.

Dress up properly for the day. Make sure that youíre teaming your dress up with ideal make-up as well. Since you are a student, a no make-up look, in all probabilities, will not harm your prospects.

Make sure that youíre taking the trouble to find out about the venue and directions properly. Find out about the easiest ways to commute, in advance, so that you are not faced with confusions regarding directions when you are actually going for the interview. There is simply no point in adding to your tensions by losing your way.

Possible Questions that you Can Face
  1. Why are you willing to join Mayo Clinic College of Medicine?
  2. How would you prove that you would be a good doctor in future?
  3. Why should I select you?
  4. What do you know about the recent scenario in healthcare?
  5. What can you tell us about patient confidentiality?
  6. What do you know about Mayo Clinic College of Medicine?
  7. What are your other interests except medicine?
  8. Do you like to read?

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