MBA Interview Preparation

MBA ensures a better career and hence, thousands of students aspire for MBA programs every year. To select only the best students, business schools organize for interviews. MBA interviews in the best business schools can be demanding. Interviewers will judge your knowledge and ability to become good manager in the future. Some of the skills that interviewers during MBA interviews will judge are- analytical and quantitative skills, management abilities, skills to handle difficult situations, communication skills, leadership skills and the like. Your performance at the interview will determine your admission to the institute and hence, you can’t afford being under prepared for it.

Tips for MBA Interviews

Research about the institute: Before you appear for the interview it is expected from you to know about the institute. Check out its courses, curriculums, faculty members, ranking, placement assistance, campus and hostel facilities and the like. You’d need to prepare yourself to answer questions like- why do you want to study in this institute?; Why do you think that our institute is the best place for you? etc.

Compile your credentials: During the MBA interview, the interviewer may ask to see your credentials and educational certificates. Hence, you may carry all your score cards, and high school certificates in the interview and it should be properly arranged in a folder or file .

Dress properly: Since you are going to be interviewed for a professional course you may dress in the right attire.
  • Females can dress in a business suit.
  • A blazer and a tie are acceptable for appearing in MBA interviews for Males.
  • Keep jewellery to minimum.Do not wear long earings as this will distract you and the interviewer.
  • Tie your hair in a clean bun.
  • Carry extra cloth to clean your shoes before going inside for the interview.

Check your manners: Be polite and cordial and always meet people with a smile. You may refrain yourself from swearing and calling names during the interview. Maintaining the right body language will help you make a favorable impact upon the interviewer. Maintain direct eye contact. Shifty glances will make an impression of nervousness.

Reach on time: Get clear direction and reach the venue 10 minutes before the interview starts. This will not only help you create the right impression but will also allow you the time to relax before you enter the room.

Questions for MBA Interviews

Following is a list of questions that the student may expect to be asked in the college admission interview. You may also add own set of questions to the list to make it more comprehensive.

1.Tell something about yourself?
Ans: When the interviewer asks the above question he is more interested in knowing about,
a. Your academic background
b. Your previous work experience; if you have worked in the past.
c. Your achievements- be prepared to highlight any accolade you have received for your leadership abilities.
d. Your family.

2.Why do you want to join our institute?
Ans: Your answer should encompass the following points
a. Ranking of the institute
b. Placement record of the institute
c. Research about the Alumnus of the particular institute from the institute's website and can say about the same during the interview.
d. Mention the Courses and specializations offered by the institute.
e. Acknowledge the affordable fees and attractive scholarship programs
f. Infrastructure and library facilities

3.Why do you want to pursue career in MBA?
Ans: This question is directly related to your career objective and planning. You should be clear about your career goals and how the MBA specialization will help you in achieving those.

4.Where do you see yourself five years hence?
Ans: When the interviewer asks you the question he is interested in knowing how clear you are about your career objectives, whether you are aware of the right purpose of doing MBA, etc. State your professional goals clearly and stick to them. Substantiate your claims by explaining how the MBA will help you in achieving those.

5.Who do you idolize?
Ans: You can choose anyone as your role model. He/she doesn’t have to belong strictly to your profession. But when you are answering the question it is essential that you know a lot about the person. Focus of the qualities of the person that inspire you and how you try to inculcate those qualities in you.

6. What is latest news in a particular industry
Ans. Prepare yourself with the latest news in various industries like business,banking etc. Keep yourself updated with the current affairs. Do read the newspaper of the whole week before going for the interview.

7. Do you have any questions to ask?
Ans: Make a list of the questions that you will like to ask the interviewer. Ask the interviewer about the scopes and environment of studying in the institute. Ask about its infrastructure and facilities. These will show your enthusiasm to study in the institute.
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