McGill University

McGill university is one of the leading academic institutions situated in Montreal, Canada. It is the only Canadian university to be ranked among the top 25 universities in the world by Times Higher Education Supplement for 4 consecutive years. The university offers masters, bachelors and doctoral degrees in medicine, law, business and dentistry. It had also been selected as the leading medical-doctoral school in the nation by Macleanís Magazine in the year 2008. The Faculty of Medicine has more than around thousand health care professionals graduating from it every year and also has four affiliated teaching hospitals.

Now, interviewing for admission in a university of such repute might as well give you the nerves initially. However, due preparations can help you sail through the process with ease. Medicine in itself is a difficult discipline and it takes a lot of hard work from the studentís end to complete graduate and post graduate degrees. Therefore, its only prudent that you start preparing yourself for a rigorous 3-4 years of life ahead from before appearing for the interview itself.

How Should You Prepare Yourself?

Nothing beats preparing yourself in a conventional manner. Yes, do not shy away from old school preparation method that includes jotting down all types of questions asked at interviews and prepare yourself duly. These questions include:

  • Why do you want to join us?
  • What do you know about our college?
  • What makes you choose a rigorous discipline like medicine?
  • Tell us about your research interests.
  • Why should we select you?
  • How can you convince me that you would make a reliable medical practitioner?
  • How do you want me to remember you?
  • Please share your career goals with us in detail.

These questions can turn out to be quite difficult to answer if you arenít prepared properly, though they might seem easier on the surface.

Then start preparing the behavioral questions whereby you would be tested on your soft skills including your problem-solving, analysis and communication power. You might be required to relate particular incidents whereby you are able to substantiate your claims.

Preparing for MMIs is Important

There are chances that if you are selected for the interview you might be called for MMIs or the Multiple Mini Interviews by the Faculty of Medicine. MMIs generally require students to visit multiple scoring stations solving problems of different individuals acting as patients. The student would primarily be judged on his ability to solve the problems of patients. There might not be exact answers for all MMIs, still the interviewer would like to see how you react to problems and whether you are aware of things like patient confidentiality or not.

Please make sure that you are arranging your interview dress a day prior to the interview. There is no need to strictly stick to formals but plain casuals are not advisable as well. Semi formals are ideal for these interviews. But please take the trouble to find out if at all the university has a dress code or not.

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