Mistakes in Interview

The all important job interview is just a few days away and you’re all ready with your preparations. You know that you’re going to do well with your basics and in the technical rounds as well. But concentrating on the nuances of a job interview remains crucial for acing it. For instance, you might as well be able to impress the interviewer with your technical knowhow, but he won’t really be pleased if you go wrong with your body language (viz, eye contact, hand movement, sitting posture etc).  Make sure that you are learning about common job interview mistakes like these and taking the trouble to rectify them as well. Here are the common interview mistakes committed by job seekers on a regular basis.

Speaking Ill of Their Previous Job: This is an absolute turn-off for interviewers. You might as well be thinking that you are actually consolidating your chances at the interview by crying your ex-boss or ex-colleagues down. But remember, this gesture does not reflect your willingness to join a new organization. It, rather proves a serious lack of respect towards your job from your end.

Not Taking Telephone Interviews Seriously: It is one of the very common mistakes committed by regular job seekers. They think that, just because they don’t have to face a one-on-one interview with the recruiter, they can jolly well be casual about it. But this is wrong. Please remember that your chances of appearing for the personal interview depend on your skills with the telephone interview. Be serious and thoroughly professional about it. Make sure you are taking due measures to avoid:
  • Interruptions in the form of call drops
  • Noise around you
  • Your dog barking near the phone
Dressing Inappropriately:  Job-seekers commit this mistake even after being well informed about the interview dress code. They thoroughly fail to identify the importance of "dressing for the big occasion". Please remember, that irrespective of the fact whether you are interviewing for an established organization or start-up, you cannot afford to dress up too casually for an interview. This should be followed even when the concerned recruiter has not spelt out the dressing guidelines. Stick to formals or business attires for an interview.


Besides, those mentioned above, there are a number of other gaffes committed by potential job holders. Some of them are:

  • Being too early or late for the interview
  • Chewing gum while conversing
  • Appearing with a cup of coffee or cold drink
  • Not learning about the history of the company they attending the interview for
  • Not remembering their own past job responsibilities
  • Not posing relevant questions when they are asked “Do you have any question for us?”
  • Fumbling with documents
  • Not smiling at due intervals
  • Smiling too much
  • Interrupting the interviewer in the middle of his question
  • Not bringing extra copies of CV
  • Expressing displeasure when the rendezvous is not turning out as per expectations
  • Not turning the mobile off
  • Leaving the Bluetooth earpiece on
  • Not being sure about the CV


Last Updated On:13/09/2013

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