Nanyang Tech University (Singapore)

If you are appearing for an interview for a college admission, then know for a fact that you have a tough task ahead. But there is nothing to get intimidated owing to this. If you are preparing yourself properly for the interview then there is little to be worried about. But yes, make sure that you are leaving no stones unturned as far as doing your homework for the interview is concerned.

Nanyang Tech University in Singapore is a globally recognized academic institution. It is one of the largest universities in the country and offers both Graduate and Undergraduate programs. If you have got a chance to interview for admissions in this particular college then make sure that you are grooming yourself well for the same. Find out more about ways of boosting your interview preparedness for the university.

Give More Time to Yourself : Make sure that you are starting your preparations way earlier. A personal interview is very different from a written test. Here you canít really afford to focus solely on certain questions and answers in order to fare well. You have to pay equal attention to your body language, communication skills and your facial expressions in a bid to be considered for a place at the university. Needless to mention, all this takes time and it wouldnít really be helpful if you are sitting down with preparations only a night prior to the all-important day. Some of the crucial areas that you would have to take care of would be:

  • General Interview Questions
  • Technical or Course Specific Interview Questions
  • Questions that are exclusively asked at Nanyang Tech University (if any)
  • Behavioral Interview Questions

As you dedicate considerable time to preparing these sections, make sure that you are also taking care to practice answering these questions in front of the mirror. This can be a mock interview that will help you to identify and rectify possible drawbacks in speech, body language, tone etc. The general interview questions, behavioral questions can be found online. You can also avail relevant books for the same. In order to perfect your body language you can take help of online videos.

Know about Nanyang Tech University: Itís imperative that you acquaint yourself with the background of the university you are attending an interview at. Generally, an interviewer wants to know whether at all the interviewee has bothered to acquire any knowledge about the organization he is interviewing at or not. If you are able to answer questions about the university, and prove that there is a valid reason why you see yourself as a part of the university, then the interviewer will definitely be impressed. Similarly, he might as well be equally offended if he finds that the person sitting on the other end of the table is not aware of what the university has to offer him and what he himself has to offer the institution.

Interview Questions that you can Expect

Q1.Please tell us a bit about your research interests.
Q2.Why are you willing to pursue PhD?
Q3.Why do you want to join this university?
Q4.Why should we consider your candidacy?
Q5.Tell us a bit about your skills.

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