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National University Singapore, alternately known as NUS is a globally recognized university with primary focus on global knowledge networks. As per available information, the university, of late, has become very stringent with its rules of admitting students. Therefore, if you have got a chance to interview for an admission in the university then you should not appear for the same without preparing yourself thoroughly. As a result, go through the interview tips mentioned below in order to ensure that you are at least approaching the interview process in the right spirit without complacence.

Please approach the interview preparations in a systematic manner. While preparing the questions and the answers, please remember that you have to divide your questions under three broad categories, namely - the general interview questions, the behavioral questions and the technical or subject specific questions. Make sure that you are dedicating separate quarters of the day for preparing each of these sections. Besides preparing questions and answers it is also important that you hone your manner of putting forward your answers. Watch your body language seriously. Conducting mock interviews in front of the mirror helps you to get rid of stammering problems (if any), identify body language or expression related flaws as well. Be on your strict guard against frowning, slouching, keeping your hands on the table while conversing, avoiding eye contact with your interviewer.

Know About the University in Detail: What is NUS all about? Why is it considered to be one of the leading global universities today? What other courses does it offer other than the one you are opting for? Do you have any idea about its faculty or the members who are going to teach you? Do acquaint yourself with answers to all the questions. Go through the website thoroughly. See if the university has well-maintained pages on Social Media or not. If yes, go to those pages and interact with students, faculty on a regular basis in a bid to learn more about the university in general. Do make sure that you are keeping yourself updated about the latest news about National University Singapore , Kent Ridge.

A wonderful way to find out more about interviews would be to browse for personal interview experiences at the institution. You might as well be lucky enough to come across certain websites where anonymous interviewees have put up their own experiences about the interview process at NUS. You can pick up interview questions from there; learn how to cope with tricky questions etc.

Have a list of questions ready. If the interviewer asks you if you have some questions for him or not, do show the interest to pose your queries rather than coming out of the place without clarifying your doubts. But please remember not to flood him with questions either.

Possible Interview Questions

Q1.Why do you want to join here?
Q2.Why do you want to pursue this course?
Q3.Where do you see yourself after 5 years?
Q4.What do you know about us?
Q5.Tell us about your research interests

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