c NDA Interview Preparations

NDA Interview Preparations

As a potential candidate of one of the best military institutions across the globe, National Defence Academy, you have to ensure that your preparations are top notch and the best way to do that would be to start preparing at least three months prior to the examinations or the interview. Once you have set your mind on the same, know for sure that these 3-4 months should be dedicated only to NDA preparations. Be it looking the syllabus for the written examination or looking up relevant books and net for the NDA Interview questions, you have to approach the entire preparation in a systematic manner. Equal hours of study should be divided between preparations for written examinations and practicing ways to face the interview.

NDA Interview Preparation Tips

Services Selection Board or SSB will conduct the NDA interview. The first thing you should do before even starting your preparations full swing is go through the series of questions from relevant books and internet. Prepare your answers accordingly as soon as you get an idea of what kinds of questions are asked. However it would not be advisable to religiously stick to those questions only. For instance, it is necessary that you are up to date about the current affairs. In that case looking up only the questions asked in previous years will not help. You have to listen to the news and read newspapers to stay updated on the latest.

In case you are thinking of broadening your academic concepts before the interview, it is not the right time to do so. Instead you should focus more on brushing up your basic knowledge.

Moreover the interview is also likely to test your personality, so be prepared.

Some of the questions which you can expect at the interview are:
  1. "Why do you want to join the India Army?"
  2. "What do you do to keep yourself physically fit?"
  3. "Tell us about the present quota system of India."

Last but not the least as you progress with your preparations for the interview don't forget to practice mock interviews in front of the mirror at least for half an hour to an hour a day.

NDA Written Examination Tips

The NDA written examinations are conducted by the Union Public service Commission. The syllabus is divided in two parts namely Mathematics (Maximum Marks- 300) and General Ability (Maximum Marks- 600).

The Mathematics section mainly consists of topics like Calculus, Trigonometry, Algebra, and Analytical Geometry etc. If you consult relevant preparation tips, you will know that knowing you 10+1 and +2 Maths will prove crucial here as most of the questions concentrate on your +2 syllabus. The key to master this portion will be to practice each of the relevant chapter at a time and keep on practicing.

The General Ability portion comprising History, Economics, Physics, Chemistry, and General Science etc will test both your understanding of varied concepts and memorizing power.

As a final note of advice it can be mentioned that if you are taking aid of coaching classes to prepare yourself for NDA, then you will have to take tests on a regular basis. Since you will have sufficient time in hand please make valuable assessment based on tests.

Dos and Don'ts of NDA Interview


  • Prepare thoroughly and make it a point that you go through the background of NDA while preparing for the interview
  • Check out the exact dates of the written examinations and interview from the Internet
  • Dress up accordingly
  • Maintain an agreeable body language and tone of speaking throughout
  • Approach each question with honesty
  • Shake hands before leaving

  • Arrive late for the interview
  • Leave your preparations incomplete
  • Dress inappropriately
  • Put on garish make up
  • Be fake--- please remember that the interview will test the honesty with which you are going to render your services for your country, any fake attempt to sound sincere or too eager to serve your country will leave a bad impression
  • Sound arrogant Leave without a smile
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