Necessary Minutes to Follow in the Interview

If you are a fresher, it is common to feel intimidated by interviews. It is probably because you donít know what to expect from it. Letís first understand what interviews are all about. It is no rocket science, in fact a simple interactive session with the employers, where they want to find out if you are the right fit for the job. Before you learn about how to present yourself, it is extremely important that you understand what the employers are looking for. Irrespective of the position you are applying for, the following characteristics are always sought for:

  • Confident personality
  • Humble and polite nature
  • A quick learner
  • A team player
  • Patient and co-operative attitude
  • Achievement oriented and hardworking
  • Good communication skills

  • Greeting:
    Right after entering the interview room, make sure that you wish your interviewer good morning/ good afternoon/ good evening. And once you are over with the interview wish them good-day/good-night before you leave.

  • Eye contact and firm shake-hand:
    A firm shake-hand portrays confidence. Shake hands with your interviewer/s after greeting them and also before leaving the room. Similarly eye contact with your interviewer/s make you look confident.
  • Smile:
    Carry a smile on your face. A smiling face is always very welcoming and also makes a good impression on the interviewers.

  • No fillers:
    A lot of people have the habit of using fillers while talking, which is a big NO-NO in an interview. Using fillers like umm, so, actually, etc. make you look uncertain about your replies.

  • Honesty:
    If you donít know the answer to a question, do not give random replies just for the sake of answering. It is best to tell your interviewers that you donít know the answer rather than trying beating around the bush. Honesty is always appreciated.

  • Formal dressing:
    Traditionally interviews always require you to dress formally. Pick out a well ironed formal shirt and pants. A nice tie is also a good idea. You could also wear a suit if you wish to. Women can wear formal shirts and skirts or a suit. In India sarees and salwar-suites are also considered to be formal outfits.

  • Papers and documents:
    Carry a folder with all your important documents in it. Arrange your documents systematically so that you know which document is where. Your interviewers may want to see certain documents. If you are asked to show any, you should be able to take them out without much delay. Fumbling through your folder in front of your employers does not look good.

  • Learn about the company:
    ĎWhat do you know about the organization?í is a very common question asked in interviews. If you are asked the same, you should be able to give a solid answer. A good answer would prove that you have put in a fair effort and you take your job seriously.

  • Brush up your knowledge:
    Brush up your memory, so that everything you have learnt so far is fresh in your mind. This will make you ready to answer every question you are asked.

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