Interview Preparation for Nestle India

Aspiring for a career with Nestle India Ltd. Nestle India offers an array of career options, both for fresher and for experienced professionals. Saw latest Nestle job advertisements? Even if no, look for the fresh options and apply for the suitable jobs. Prepare well in advance ahead of the scheduled interview and grab this golden opportunity to get started with a bang at flourishing Nestle India Ltd

To prepare for an interview with Nestle India, you must follow a few steps like:

1.Read the job advertisement/mail well and extract as much information as you can about the job and its KRAs.

2.Know about the profile you are applying for, know the skills required and check your suitability. If you find any gaps, look out for the solutions you have, to fill the gap.

3.Learn about Nestle India products that you use in your own household, its significance and the satisfaction you have deriving from it.

4.Gather information on Nestle India Ltd.

5.Plan your interview preparations researching what kind of questions would come forth you and what skills interviewers would be looking for. Also find out what kind of and how many rounds of interview would be taken and what questions thus need to be prepared.

6.Prepare following types of questions asked at Nestle
  • Competency Questions
  • Motivational Questions
  • Professional Specific Questions
7.Prepare technical or job specific questions properly.

8.Mark out the points that could go against you or that could make your interviewers upset, like your inexperience, gap in jobs/education, etc.

9.Sharpen your communication and interpersonal skills. Practice mock interviews with your friends; rehearse your answers, etc.

Plan on the type of impression you want to win over, the image of yourself you wish to project and propose before your interviewers. Whether you want to offer yourself as an expert or jack of all trades or contingent manager or resourceful or multi-tasker, etc. Any such projection proposed by needs to be supported with apt experience, skills and examples.

Standard Interview Procedure at Nestle India

Recruitment procedures at Nestle India Ltd. formally start with the filling of a Job Application Form, which is then screened and the interview process thus starts with the selected candidates. The standard interview process at Nestle, are of following formats:
1.Written Test - Group Discussion - HR Round - Personal Interview
2.Telephonic Interview - Personal Interview

Nestle India Interview Tips:

  • Follow the basic interview preparation tips
  • Practice mock interviews.
  • Prepare examples that would represent your set of skills or advocate your achievements.
  • Prepare some questions that you would like to know about the job, your role,
  • Learn about the competing brands, products and how Nestle wins over the competition.
  • Read newspaper and be ready on the current events.
  • Make point(s) on the reasons or qualities that inspire you to work with Nestle India.
  • Show your enthusiasm and willingness to associate with Nestle and contribute to the company acting as an asset to the firm.

Do prepare yourself well in the knowledge of household values, products and what customer look forward to in the product offers, especially concerning to the Nestle products line. With a strong hold of the topic you can really win an edge over the interview.

Last Updated On: 16/05/2013

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