North Carolina State University Raleigh (USA)

North Carolina State University is a co-ed public research university located in Raleigh, USA. Although there is no clear indication as to whether students are actually interviewed in the application process or not, if you have applied in this university it's always prudent to prepare yourself duly for the same. There are some basic tips that you should follow before appearing for an interview at the university. Listed below are a few of them:

Start Preparing Yourself Early: Please remember that in order to make due preparations you need to invest proper time for it. Start preparing right from the time you are applying for universities. Do not commit the mistake of sitting down with your resources one night prior to the interview. Jot down the general interview questions that are asked at university questions. Go through the general interview tips well. This will particularly help you in areas that you should focus on. Students often make the mistake of focusing only on preparing answers to questions. But there are ways of maintaining proper body language, tips on dealing with unexpected questions and ways of dealing with pre interview stress. Go though the individual experiences at the interview as well.

Do not forget to learn about the university itself : It is very important to acquaint yourself duly with the past, present and future potential of the university. The interviewers might as well want to know why you see yourself as a part of this university- how you think it would help you in shaping your career etc. You will not really be able to satisfy their queries if you are not aware of the past exploits of the university, its present faculty, courses and milestones. So go through the website of the university thoroughly.Try to stay updated about the latest news about the university as well.

Dress Properly: Besides conducting due preparations you should also take care of the fact that you are dressed appropriately for the occasion. You do not necessarily have to appear in complete formals. But stick to something that is not overtly casual as well. Decently teamed up semi casuals will do. The best way to go about the same would be to ask the concerned authorities about the dress code if you are unable to find out anything about the same. Make sure that you are arranging your dress at least a day before the interview so that you are not wasting precious time in arranging a dress on the day of the interview itself. Don't wear garish make up or wear strong cologne.

Possible Questions that you can Expect at the Interview

Q1.Why do you want to get admitted here?
Q2.What do you know about us?
Q3.Why have you decided to select this course?
Q4.What do you think are your biggest strengths?
Q5.Please tell us about your weaknesses.
Q6.Can you give us at least one reason why we should select you?

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