Northwestern University - Illinois (USA)

The Northwestern University is a private research university with campuses in Chicago and Evanston. A chance to interview for admission in this college is a rare occasion and you better be prepared duly for the same. The reason why personal interviews are conducted after written tests is because they serve to consolidate the credentials of a candidate in a way that written examinations cannot do. You might as well await a score of tips on how to ace an university or college interview. But one thing that you should absolutely not forget is that there is no room for complacency here. University interviews generally, in advance, give you a taste of the professional interviews that you would be facing in future. So its only advisable that you adopt due seriousness while pursuing your university interview preparations. Listed below are a few ways in which you can prepare for a personal interview at Northwestern University - Illinois (USA):

Know Your University

Yes, start off by knowing a bit about the university at first. Interviews are generally not a mandatory requirement for the application procedure at Northwestern University´╗┐. They are optional and you can appear for this interview in order to get yourself acquainted with the general ambience of the academic organization. However, if you have opted for the interview then please be duly serious about the same.

Your knowledge of university should not only be restricted to its application process. You can expect to face questions regarding the university itself- here the interviewer would be particularly interested in your knowhow about the history of the university, its present status, its faculty etc. Make sure that you are duly acquainting yourself about the same.

Start With Your Preparations Early

Maintain a strict preparation routine. The general interview questions, the interview questions specifically meant for Northwestern University, the behavioral interview questions, the subject or course specific questions etc should all be a part of your preparations. Start preparing early. There is no point in sitting down with resources just the night prior to the interview. Dedicate proper time for the same. You can go through individual interview experiences online just to get a virtual hang of things. These resources may help you in getting interesting glimpses of things like the way candidates kept their nerves during the long hours of wait, if at all they encountered any weird or unexpected question or not etc.

Keep the Basics Right

  • Besides your preparations make sure that you are keeping the basics right
  • Arrange a proper interview dress. Keep it aside a day prior to the interview
  • Keep your certificates and any other required document handy
  • Be punctual

If you are interested in giving special presentations to prove your credentials, make sure that you are carrying your own laptop. Use it if you are permitted to do the same.

Possible Interview Questions

Q1.Why do you want to get admitted here?
Q2.Why should we admit you?
Q3.What do you know about us?
Q4.Do you want to ask us anything?
Q5.Why have you chosen this subject?

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