Offer from Your Previous or Ex Company

Has an impressive offer from your previous company left you in a dilemma? There might be a number of reasons why you might have to quit the job. However, there will be situations when you might just land up with an offer from your ex-boss which you cannot reject outright. Your previous employers must have a number of reasons for calling you back. They might be utterly dissatisfied with the present goings-on in the organization and deem it fit to recall their trained resources. They might also face a serious employee crunch where a crop of freshers are just not able to meet the demands. Sometimes the initiation of a project might require experienced workers. Similarly your reasons for considering your ex-bossís offer might be many.

Reasons which lead you to consider an offer from your previous company

a) The present scenario in the company you are working for might not be exactly conducive enough and you have got the call from your ex- employer just when you were thinking of a switch.

b) You think that your present organization has completely failed to live up to your expectations while you have always given it your best.

c) The previous company has suddenly made a very good name for itself in the market. This has motivated many of its previous employers to retry their chances there. You consider yourself lucky enough to have got a call at such an opportune moment.

d) You are just doing well in your present company and have no issues with its pay, ambience etc, but you have started feeling that you are too emotionally attached to your previous organization.

e) The previous company has offered you a post which you had always been vying for. You see no chance of grabbing such a post at your present organization.

f) The pay structure of your present company is far more impressive than the previous one, but you feel that there was better scope for recognition in form of awards and certificates at your previous company.

Asides from the reasons listed above, there will be other factors which may push you to give it a serious thought about the offer from your ex-company. In spite of that you might feel a little shy of trying your luck there once again. A lot of thinking goes on in your head during these times. You are a little skeptical about the feelings of your ex-colleagues who are still working there. There were certain misunderstandings with your ex-team mates which you still canít get over. You are really apprehensive whether your previous company will provide you the benefits that they have promised, since you have already quit their organization once.

Tips on how to make a final decision about an offer from your previous company

It is advisable not to reel under indecision when it comes to zeroing in on job offers. You can avail the tips listed below to make better decisions when re called from your ex-company.

a) Think about your pros and cons carefully: It is advisable not to be governed solely by emotions since the corporate world has little space for them.

b) Do an extensive research if possible: Go for the present statistics of both your previous and present company. Base your decision on the research you have done.

c) Talk to your ex-employer freely: Donít hesitate to convey your apprehensions, if any, to your ex-employer. If you had parted on good terms and shared a cordial relationship with your boss, he is sure to understand your concerns.

d) Talk to experts: Besides doing your own research it is always advisable to consult market experts in this matter. There will be friends and colleagues of yours who will have sound knowledge of the industry and are also aware of the present market scenario. Speak to them. Also, if you have you friends working at your previous organization talk to them. They can always help you.

e) Steer clear from Ambiguity: Be very clear of what you want from your life and then go ahead with a decision. If you think that the offer from your previous company is really impressive but not willing to leave the present job either, then donít stay undecided for a long time. Talk to your present employers about the present offer at hand and try to negotiate a better deal. Speak on clear terms and donít say something as ambiguous like ďI am considering a few job offers which are really impressiveĒ when you have only one offer at hand.

f) Donít be ruled by ego: Always remember that if your ex-employer has shunned his ego and considered you fit for the job then you should at least give it a thought rather than declining the offer at once. On the other hand, try not to act arrogantly with your present boss if you have decided to negotiate with him based on the present offer at hand. Be polite as good behavior always helps you to build stronger relations with your employer.

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