Online Courses and Classes for Interview Preparation

Take your interview preparations level several notches higher by enrolling for the several online courses which give you the edge over those relying solely on traditional methods of preparations. If you are going for conventional methods, remember you might as well have to chalk out the entire scheme of things from the scratch-- looking up for behavioral and technical questions separately on the net or books, dedicating considerable time to cover each topic like communication, body language, telephone interviews which have to be searched differently as well-- but not with the online interview preparation courses. A well chalked out and comprehensive online course will provide you with every aspect of an interview that needs your attention. It ensures that you are not skipping important areas by mistake which might happen if you preparing all by yourself.

Which areas should a good online interview preparation course or class touch upon?

There are a host of courses there. There are some which are designed for special purposes like SSB interviews, Engineering Interview etc while others are tailored for those looking for basic guidance. A well planned general interview course or class should cover the following aspects:
  • General Interview Questions
  • Mock Interview
  • Research
  • Qualities which hirers are looking for
  • Communication
  • Body Language
  • Attitude
  • Scenario or Behavioral Interview Questions
  • Phone Interview
  • Dining Interviews
  • Interview Do’s and Don’ts
  • Attire
  • Interview FAQs
List of Interview preparation courses and classes
Here is a list of a few online interview courses which might be of help: One of the most carefully designed interview preparation courses, this one covers most of the aforementioned features and offers courses both with and without certificate according to your preferences. If the thought speaking in English before an esteemed group of honchos out there is giving you nightmares before your interview then this course should be your pick. With primary focus on fluency, this one offers you ways to answer particular questions like – “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” etc.

WIZIQ prepares you for the SSB recruitment with focus on English speaking, psychology tests, conference, group tests and screening tests.

Latitude ( offers free online job interview courses.

These online courses besides the others can be of real help if you are determined to make a mark at your interview and are ready to touch upon each and every aspect of your chosen course.

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