Online job interview Ė Pros and Cons, Preparation Tips and Types

In the present day world where everything is fast paced, it is important for companies to speed up their hiring process. Accelerating recruitment procedures is not a difficult task at all with the use of internet. Be it shopping, working or studying, with internet around everything can be done online. Come to think about it, the entire world is going online. And why not? It saves time, energy and money. So yes, online interviews are one of the preferred options for recruitment for most companies today. If you are awaiting an online job interview with a particular employer, know that itís just like any other interview; however you would need some preparation in the right direction. So here we go.

Online Job Interview Pros and Cons:

In order to prepare for an online interview it is very important that you understand the advantages and disadvantages of such kind of interviews. This will help you make the most of the positives and work around the negatives.

Advantages of online job interview:

  • The interviewees can feel more confident in their known environment.
  • They can save time, energy and money by not having to travel to the interview venue.
  • Interview scheduling becomes much easier
  • Interviewees can use software that is easily available on the internet (mostly free).
  • Many consider online interviews easier to deal with than in-person interviews.

Disadvantages of online job interview:

  • In case of written online interviews, it often gets difficult for the interviewers to assess the interviewee.
  • Wrong choice of words or expressions by the candidate can ruin his/her chances of getting the job; which can otherwise be explained or rectified in case of face-to-face or in-person interviews.
  • Making a good impression is more difficult in online interviews compared to in-person interviews.
  • Often online interviews turn out to be inconvenient because of low internet speed or disturbance in the line.
  • Some employers do not have quality websites. Poor website can cause problems for candidates to understand the organization and the job they are applying for.
  • Online interviews are usually very impersonal in nature.

Types of online job interviews:

While preparing for online interviews, itís also important to know that there are a few different kinds of the same. Understanding the interview procedure will help you prepare better.

  • Email interviews:

    After you apply for the job, your employer may choose to carry out the interview through emails. Essentially, there are a couple of ways how email interviews are carried out. One, you might be sent a questioner, which you would have to fill out and send it back to the sender. And second, your interviewer might ask you a question through email and after to reply to that, he/she might send you more interview questions, which you would have to reply to. So, here we are talking about a series of emails involving questions and answers.

    The upside of such interviews is that you can take some time to structure proper answers which are likely to impress the interviewer/s. However, make sure that you donít take too long to reply back, as that might have a negative effect on the interviewerís interest on you.

  • Written chat interviews:

    Such interviews are pretty common. Here, your employer and you decide on a particular time for the interview. Both you and your interviewer are expected to be online on the pre-decided time, using common text messenger software. It is like a one-on-one interview; just that, in this case it is online and written.

    For such interviews you need to be careful about what you are writing. Try not to make any errors in your typing and in case you do, always rectify them. Also, your typing speed needs to be decent, in order to avoid lapse of communication. So, you if you think your typing isnít very good, then your interview preparation should also include some typing practice.

  • Face-to-face interview: With improved technology today, carrying out a video interview isnít a big deal at all. Almost every chat messenger has the video chatting feature. Just like written interviews, you need to decide on a time with your interviewers. Get online on the pre-decided time and start your interview. However, the only difference here is that, instead of typing you would have to use the video chatting feature. Unlike most other types of online interviews, this gives a more personal touch to the whole interview process, which is definitely a big positive.

  • Voice interview: This kind of interview involves the voice feature. Just like the aforementioned two types of interview, voice interviews involve the same procedure; however, instead of typing or using the video feature, here you would have to use the voice feature. Voice interviews can also be carried out through telephones, if not by internet. It is probably the most popular of all the different kinds of online interview options available.

    While you are in a voice interview, you should always frame your answers well. Your choice of words and presentation of ideas need to be very good. Remember, what you say is what you will be judged on.

How to prepare for online job interviews?

As this is not an in-person interview, it gets more difficult for the interviewers to judge the candidate. Hence, you want to make sure that your give them enough reasons to hire you. So, here are some dos and doníts that you should follow in order to increase your chances to get the job.

  1. While in a video interview, make sure that your eyes are at the camera and not at the monitor. Looking at the camera would appear to your interviewers that you are looking at them, which is very important for a face-to-face interview.
  2. Make sure that you have a decent sound system and a good internet connection. Poor sound and bad internet connection can create lot of confusion and disturbance in your interview.
  3. For video interviews, you should be dresses appropriately (properly ironed formal clothes) and also make sure that your back drop is something very decent. Try to have a white or a light colored wall at the back.
  4. While on a voice/video interview, you should be in a quiet room. Let everyone know that you are on an interview call and no one should make noise or enter the room till you are off the call. Any interruptions in the call from you side is definitely a negative.
  5. Try not to ask your interviewer to repeat a question; hence, you need to be very attentive during the interview.
  6. Make your answers to-the-point, short and simple.
  7. Always remember you should not search your answers on the internet while you are in the middle of an online interview.

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