Osaka University - Osaka (Japan)

Osaka University, alternately known as Handai is the sixth oldest university in the country (Japan). Today, it has 14 graduate schools, 10 schools, 2 National facilities for Joint Use, etc. Though there is no clear indication as to whether students have to appear for admission interviews or not, if you are required to do so in order secure your place in the university- be better prepared for the same. Given below are a few tips to succeed in this regard.

Start Preparing Early: It is very important to know that nothing beats your chances when you are preparing your subject well for the interview. Now, Osaka University, itself has an illustrious history (being one of the oldest universities in the country as mentioned above). Therefore, there might as well be the initial nerves to handle. Yes, even the thought of facing the panel of such a revered academic institution might give you nightmares. But fret not! Prepare yourself well. Give it your best shot. Do not think too much about results initially. The right amount of stress can actually motivate you to work harder towards your goals while the excess of it can actually jeopardize your chances.
Make sure that you are taking due time out to prepare general questions asked at interviews, your own subject and the behavioral questions that interviewees generally face.

Learn about the university well. It is very important for any interviewee to be well acquainted with the past and present of the institution- what it has to offer in terms of shaping of career goals, training, career prospects etc. So make sure that you are duly learning about the university itself before appearing for the interview.

Take care of the basics: Attending interviews for college or university admissions does a world of good. Not only does it aid you in meeting different panels with confidence but also prepares you for professional interviews as well. For instance, you get a hang of the real world experience by learning about ways to dress up for the occasion, or else about maintaining the perfect body language etc. Know for a fact, that a personal interview is a very different ballgame from the written examination. Your academic credentials are not necessarily the sole factor governing your chances here. A lot will depend on the way you conduct yourself. You will be judged right from the time you enter the premises. Here are certain basic rules that you should follow before an interview:

Arrange your dress at least a day in advance- Stick to semi-formals. Most of the universities probably will not require you to sport strictly formal clothes. But donít go for something outrageously casual as well.

Be punctual. Reach the venue at least 15 minutes prior to the interview

Arrange your certificates properly

Possible Interview Questions that You Can Face

Q1.Why do you want to join here?
Q2.Please tell us about your research interests.
Q3.What do you know about us?
Q4.Why should we select you?
Q5.What do you know about our curriculum?

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