Placement Consultants- Is it worth taking their help

Placement Consultants-How do they work?

Placement consultancies have almost become a compulsory recourse for job aspirants across the globe simply by the virtue of their working pattern. In today’s fast paced world as soon as a budding employee zeroes in on his career path he embarks on an extensive job search which proves lucrative and satisfactory as the same time. However, a young girl or a boy just out of college or a professional course may find it difficult to keep track of a sea of job opportunities waiting for them and in the process, might miss out on profitable chances as well. It is here where the placement consultants or agencies play a significant role.

Companies on the lookout for freshers or experienced employees put across their requirements from time to time. These placement consultants keep searching for job seekers who will fulfill these requirements based on their resume. Even prospective employees can get in touch with reliable placement consultants and keep a track of employment opportunities based on their competencies and interests. These agencies mostly have wide range of jobs in the offing like BPO, IT, HR management, content writing, technical writing, insurance etc. At times some agencies specialize in particular fields like the banking sector or the media. These agencies prove to be a great addition to your job search as they are amply aware of the requirements and the selection criteria of hiring enterprises. They will be providing job offers mostly when requirements of the employers and employees are perfectly compatible, and are paid accordingly.

Placement Consultants- Some facts

There is no doubt that placement consultants today give you a perfect platform to your job search. They play an instrumental role in spearheading the whole process of recruitment. However there are complaints of people being totally disillusioned by these agencies. Additionally there are grievances of the agencies’ database being filled with fake jobs! But things can always work out positively if both your consultant and you want to. Remember since you have approached the consultants it is your responsibility to keep in touch with them. Ring your consultants at least once or twice in a
month. Ask them about new vacancies fitting your resume, keep them updated about any latest addition to your CV- in short try to maintain a regular and cordial rapport with them. Also remember that a negative feedback from these agencies can really land you up in trouble as you may entirely loose a chance to continue with your dream job.


If you do some research before getting in touch with placement consultants there are chances that you will be flooded with views- both positive and negative. However as the final decision always rests with you, you can always make things easier for you by narrowing your research. It is advisable to learn about a few authentic placement agencies in your city and then go about collecting information about them. Base your decision on this kind of organized research and see how things turn up for you.

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