Best ways to Prepare for Campus Interview

The time between the announcement and the holding of a campus interview can be a real emotional ride for a student who is suddenly reminded all over again that his treasured college days are slowly giving way to the most important juncture of his life--- his entry into the professional world. There is a lot which goes on in your mind at this time. However you got to shake off all the nervousness and anxiety and buck up real well for the campus interview which in most cases is the first job interview in a student’s life. Here’s how you can prepare yourself for the day:

Start off with a little bit of self learning: Yes right after you are informed about the interview try to think about things which might make you nervous before the interview. Peer pressure is something which will be bothering you since in campus interviews you generally get to know real soon who all are selected. There are chances of your friends getting selected and you being left out. It might dent your confidence at the initial stages of your career. But remember all these are mere possibilities—don’t let these feelings weigh you down before and during the interview.

Also try to find out what kind of interview it is. Two kinds of companies generally visit the campuses for conducting interviews—ones which are not looking forward to hire in specific positions but are only there to add on to their database and the ones which are looking to hire in specific positions. It is difficult to have a foreknowledge of the category but in the initial stages of the interview you can ask the interviewer about the vacancies in the company and try to gauge their needs and answer accordingly. But whatever their needs might be, don’t try to fool them by bragging about false qualities.

Keep your basics right: As you are still a fresher you will be tasted mainly on your basics. So be it an interview for an engineering job or a management job, don’t jeopardize your chances by messing up with your basics.

Know what not to do/speak during these interviews. Since the interview is conducted in the campus where you have spent so many days of your life and not in a strictly corporate environment you will tend to be a bit more relaxed than you may be at a usual interview. That’s good enough. However don’t get carried away by the familiarity of the environment. Don’t start speaking about college politics, drawbacks of the institution etc. Don’t go in a casual attire thinking that you can afford to do that just because its your college. Dress and speak properly and maintain your dignity throughout.

Expect to face a lot of behavioral questions as hirers would like to derive reasons for hiring you from these questions. Questions like these may be asked--- “Tell me a time when you tried to cope up with personal stress during your examination.” Or “Tell me a time when you really disappointed yourself during an easy examination. How did you motivate yourself for the next exams?

Prepare your demos or presentations way before the day so as to avoid any embarrassment during the campus interview process.

Know that you might face one or two breaks, at least, in the middle of the rounds. So try not to get impatient. Rather it would be great if you can utilize these breaks to buck up further!

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