Preparing for a Job Interview in Pennsylvania State University

The Pennsylvania State University popularly called the Penn State is a land-grant, multi-campus, and research-oriented public university that was established in 1855. The university's main campus is located in University Park and the academic institution has several other campuses spread throughout the state. The university offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses, and a string of professional diploma and certificate programs delivered via regular (on-campus) and online modes.

If you're applying for the position of a professor or lecturer to the university, then you'll have to undertake meticulous preparation for the same. If you want to successfully sail through the interview session, you'll have to be at your creative best. You'll also have to have information about the university at your fingertips. Furthermore, you'll have to get familiar with the probable questions that you might be asked and also acquaint yourself with the follow-up procedures post interview.

Getting Ready For Interview Session

The interview in all probabilities will start off with warming-up questions to make you feel comfortable. As the session proceeds, you'll have to answer questions that'll require you to relate about your teaching skills, and your specific interests, and your objectives and values with regard to the position you've applied for.
  • Confidently express that you've got the skills required for the position
  • Familiarise yourself with the interview process (whether there'll be many interview rounds including pre-screening session, telephonic interview, face-to-face session and a final round
  • Find out whether there'll be a single interviewer or an interview panel
  • Make yourself familiar with both traditional and behavioural interview questions
  • Fully prepare yourself via mock interviews
  • Keep yourself updated by reading newspapers and watching informative TV programs

The Interview

If you're a male, it is best to dress in a conservative manner. Put on a dark or gray-coloured suit and a blue/black tie. Your accessories should match your basic attire. Wear black or dark brown shoes. Be clean shaven and comb your hair properly. If you like to keep a beard, then trim it properly. Surely iron your clothes. As far as women are concerned, they should put on clean and neatly ironed suits. If you're wearing a skirt, it should just touch the knees and avoid wearing stilettos. Flats would be perfect for the occasion. Pleat your hair properly.

Carry a folder file or dossier containing all your testimonials and documents. Keep multiple copies of your CV. Carry as many recommendation letters as you can. Arrive at least 15 before the session starts. Keep your cellphone off. Always maintain eye-contact with your interviewer(s) and address them appropriately.

Post Interview

  • Send in a thank-you memo quickly, if possible right after the interview.
  •  You can get in touch with your interviewer if he or she has not got back to you within the specified timeframe
  • In the meanwhile, keep on sending applications to other universities

Some sample questions

Q1.Tell us something about your fundamental teaching philosophy
Q2.Tell us how'd you integrate online learning tools with your instructions in the classroom?
Q3.What'd be your methodologies for instructing non-native and non-traditional pupils?
Q4.What is your favourite subject?
Q5.What has been your most exemplary teaching experience till date?
Q6.Are you open to taking risks?
Q7.What book did you read last? Who is your favourite author?
Q8.What do you think are your strengths and limitations?

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