Preparing for interview in Singapore University

You have received the much awaited call from your favorite university in Singapore and are totally ready to ace it. Going about your preparations in a systematic manner would be your answer to the pre interview stress. Making sure that you are keeping a few tips and tricks up your sleeves would aid you in sailing through the process with ease.

It is important for you to gauge the gravity of the situation. There are many budding scholars out there who think that the face to face interview after a string of written tests remains only a custom. In reality, itís not actually so. There is every chance of you getting rejecting after personal interviews even after performing exceptionally well in written tests. In fact, the interview should be treated as a platform where you are able to express your strengths the way you have not been able to do in your written test. So start preparing early. Donít sit down studying only one night before the interview. Organize your resources and start preparing days in advance. Jot down common interview questions asked in universities. Conduct mock interviews before the mirror. Watch your body language and facial expressions while speaking.

Take the Trouble To Find out About Singaporeís Past: Besides, general interview questions asked to students, be prepared to face questions regarding the past of Singapore, a bit about its culture, about its present education system etc.

There are some scholars who opine that some of the prominent universities in the country are more interested about the candidatesí final year project in college or their last semester than the scores in the competitive examinations. So it would be great if you go back to your final year project and brush up a bit about its content.

Some of the probable interview questions that you might face in the universities are listed below:

1. Why have you selected our university?
2. What has made you choose this particular course of study?
3. What do you know about our university?
4. Share with us your experience of your part time job.
5. Tell us a bit about your research interests.
6. Tell us a bit about your career plan.
7. What will you bring to this university by being a part of it?

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