Preparing for Interview When Rejected Once

Coming a cropper following an interview for a plum position can be demoralizing to say the least. Since you put all your heart into preparing for a job interview, failure to land an offer of employment can unnerve you and take a toll on your confidence level. Many job applicants become so obsessed with the rejection that they often seem to miss the larger picture.

Getting rebuffed can be undoubtedly unsettling and frustrating, but you must learn to take it in your stride. After all, it’s a part of life. You should be mentally prepared to face numerous rejections before you can find the opening of your choice as competition for jobs is really stiff these days.

Instead of blaming yourself and wallowing in self-pity, you should keep a positive attitude and learn from the experience. Analyse what went wrong, focus on areas that need to be addressed and hone your key skills.

Remain Optimistic

Constantly dwelling on why you got rejected in the first place can make you depressed. Therefore, instead of constantly holding yourself responsible for not being able to make it you should view the same optimistically. You can take consolation from the facts that even the most talented and well-prepared jobseekers have to put with up rejections.

There’s hardly any individual who has had a plain sailing all through. If you were turned down even after putting forth your professional abilities explicitly, then you can reason with yourself by inferring that it was not your ideal job position. Remaining optimistic and buoyant will help you to develop resilience.

Be Objective

It’d be imprudent on your part to look at your rejection as a personal failure as there could be many reasons for yours not getting the job offer. And most of these factors maybe beyond your supervision or control. For instance, the employer had already decided to hire someone who had been highly recommended by a client of his.

Or it could be that they were looking for a candidate who had a MBA certification with a specialization in marketing which you didn’t have. Or, they were looking for a candidate who had more relevant exposure than you as far as the job profile was concerned.

The reasons why you were not hired will never be apparent to you and most hiring managers will not be willing to discuss about the same. The best you can do is get in touch with an HR expert and request him or her to give you some valuable tips on performing according to expectations of your prospective interviewer.

Let Bygones be Bygones

Put your refusals behind and just move on instead of constantly cogitating on them. Getting spurned in an interview doesn’t mean that your career is doomed. Life is full of ups and downs. You’ll have many opportunities coming your way to prove your worth. Keep applying to as many job positions as possible and prepare yourself appropriately so that you performance exceeds your potential interviewers’ expectations.

Update your resume in a manner so that it corresponds with the profile of the position you apply to. Learn from your past mistakes instead of getting bogged down by them. Approach every interview with an optimistic bent of mind and always be yourself. Remember every employer or recruiter has his own outlook about what makes a perfect candidate. Maybe your next employer or recruiter will find as the best fit for the position on offer.

Let Bygones be Bygones

It does not need to be stressed that the market for jobs is getting more and more competitive with every passing day. Long gone are the days when companies used to hire people just on the basis of their academic qualifications and holding a face-to-face interview was just a formality.

Modern-day organizations are extremely fastidious about recruiting new or experienced candidates and only employ those who’re job ready. So, you can expect to get hired only if you completely match the requirements for the position. Therefore you should streamline your job search process and apply only to those positions that are in sync with your educational qualifications and working experience. Before you finally decide to send your CV for a particular job, conduct meticulous research on the company, its organizational culture, and the background of the employees to weigh your acclimatization level.

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