Preparing for Interview Dubai University

Preparing for Interview to Get Admission in a Dubai College or University

Countries in USA, Europe particularly USA and UK have always been the traditional favourites with students aiming to pursue higher education overseas. These countries had an established academic infrastructure and offered the perfect environment for education as far as obtaining an undergraduate or a postgraduate degree was concerned. However, owing to rising education and living costs in these countries, students are now turning to emerging educational hubs in other countries like Singapore, India, Malaysia, and South Korea etc.

Dubai in UAE is also coming up as a favored higher education destination. There are numerous public and private universities and colleges in Dubai that offer quality education at the UG and PG level including ‘Emirates College for Management & Information Technology’, ‘Zayed University, ‘Dubai University College’ and so on. Moreover, the Dubai International Academic City (DIAC) is the only free zone in the world that is exclusively devoted to higher education.

Many colleges and universities from around the world have their international campus in DIAC. The process of applying for higher studies in an academic institution in Dubai is completely different from the application procedure for universities in USA or Europe. The admission criterions and the study schedules vary widely. However, as with most universities and colleges in USA and UK, you’ll have to appear in the admission interview before you can be considered for admission.

The interview session will be your opportunity to present your best face and amply demonstrate to the admissions board or committee that you deserve to be inducted as a student. Follow these guidelines for making your mark during the interview session.

Complete Your Homework Well in Advance

Doing your homework means gathering information about the institution you’re applying to, details of the course you intend to opt for, the professors from whom you’ll be receiving instructions and so on. Also try to acquaint yourself with the students’ alumni and noted teachers who have taught in the past. Make a probable list of questions that you might be asked during the interview and prepare accordingly. Practice rehearsing in front of the mirror so that you observe your body language. Ask for suggestions from your high school teachers and past students who’re studying in an institution in Dubai.

Dress Appropriately for the Interview

It goes without saying that you’d need to make the best impression during the interview. You should bear in mind that your face-to-face interview is not only your last but your best chance as well to promote yourself that you indeed deserve to get admission in the study program you’ve applied for. Your interviewer should get the impression that you’re sincere about your studying in that specific university or college. Dressing formally would be par for the occasion.

Make Your Answers Witty

Answering questions correctly and answering them intelligently are not one and the same thing. The interviewer may be stressed out by the time you enter the conference room as he or she might have held many sessions prior to yours. If you pepper your answers with humorous quotes and witty anecdotes, the interviewer will sit up and take notice.

Socialise With Students in the Campus

Students who’re already studying in the institution must have been through the interview process before they were considered for admission. Talking to them will provide you with valuable tips on how to handle your session in a better way.

Some interview questions that you can be prepared for:-

Q1.Why did you choose our college for pursuing your higher education?
Q2.Name the other colleges you’ve applied to?
Q3.Why do you want to pursue this particular study program?
Q4.What is the major you intend to take up?
Q5.Tell us something about our college?
Q6.How do you plan to fund your educational and living expenses?
Q7.Tell us how’d you contribute to the heritage of the institution?

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