Preparing for Interview for Stanford University - California (USA)

Preparing for an interview and that too for an institution as prestigious as the Stanford University - California (USA) can be a nerve racking experience. But the key would be to keep calm and try to sail through the process with ease. A few valuable preparation tips would help you amply in this regard.

Adopt a Systematic Approach: It is advisable to note that random preparations cannot help you to ace an all important interview. There is no point in rushing through resources containing relevant interview questions. Prepare a routine. Dedicate due time for preparing:

  • General interview questions including the behavioral ones
  • About the university- its history, area of studies, research, extracurricular activities supported by it, the line of youth or educational programs run by it, its present faculty, present rankings etc
  • Interview Questions specifically related to your subject
  • General interview basics like dress, punctuality and body language etc

Once you are done with preparing routine, make sure that you are sticking to it without fail. Only preparing general questions will not do. Conduct mock interviews by standing in front of the mirror and watch your body language as well. As you go through the website of Stanford University - California (USA), please try and find out if they have updated a specific section dedicated to student interviews or not. Avail its help duly if possible.

Possible Interview Questions at Stanford University - California (USA)

Q1.Why do you want to associate yourself with Stanford University, California?
Q2.What can you bring on board as a student?
Q3.What do you know about us?
Q4.Why have you chosen this particular course of study?
Q5.Why should we select you?
Q6.What do you want to achieve in life?
Q7.Please tell us the personal challenges faced by you in academics.
Q8.Please elaborate a bit on your team roles.
Q9.Please tell us about your most rewarding academic experience till date.
Q10.What do you think about your last test scores?
Q11.What are your feelings about your academic accomplishments? Are you satisfied with them?
Q12.What really acts as the motivating factor in your life?

Last but not the least, please remember that there are strong chances of you coming across various websites providing you with varied candidate experiences of interviewing with Stanford University. You can jolly well go through them. But please remember that you should not let negative feedback (if any) bother you. Have faith in yourself and in your ability to face the odds with ease. Prepare yourself and be yourself and thus you are well set to turn the tide in your favor!

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