Preparing for Interview in Malaysia University

If you have been able to grab a rare opportunity to interview with a Malaysian university then you should start preparing early. In fact, it stands true for every kind of test that you have to come across. However, it is even more important to be well equipped with due interview preparations, especially when you are attending an interview for admission in a foreign university. The usual nerves associated with an interview would be there. Additionally there would be the question of imminent anxiety of facing people who actually don’t belong to your land. But fret not! Here are few tips to ace an interview in a Malaysian university:

Start Early: Your preparations will definitely lay the foundation of your fate at the interview. So make sure that you are not lagging behind in that respect. Now, the question remains--- how would you prepare yourself? Please remember that there is no random way. Just going through some of the interview questions online and preparing answers will not really help. You have to be diligent. Make sure that besides sitting down with the interview questions you are also learning about individual candidate experiences. There are some online resources that would provide you with detailed accounts of individual students who have related their personal experiences at interviews. Make sure you are going through them in order to acquaint yourself a bit with the alien environment. For instance, there are cases where the concerned candidate has described at length about the total time they were asked to wait, the kind of anxiety they had gone through and how they interacted with other candidates to beat the pre-interview stress.

Prepare Your Interview Attire: You must be aware of the fact that arranging your interview attire makes for an important part of your preparations. The fact will be reasserted once you go through candidates’ accounts relating their experience at the Malaysian university interviews. You can even find out about the thoroughly professional attires sported by candidates, viz collared plain shirts teamed with black pants etc. Make sure you are duly learning about the dress code maintained by the particular university or institution you are interviewing for. Even if you are attending the interview on skype, it would be advisable that you stick to the dress code. Even if you do not have detailed information about the dress code of the university you are interviewing for, you can either mail them with a relevant query or ask about the same from a senior whom you personally know (in case).

Other Tips

Aside from those mentioned above, you should also avail the following tips as mentioned below:

  • Do take the trouble to acquaint yourself with the history of the university you have applied for.
  • Do ask questions about the faculty and the students
  • Make sure that you are checking your certificates duly
  • If possible try to find out if you would be required to speak in the local language or not
  • Some of them conduct group interviews as well. Find out if the university you are interviewing for conducts GDs or not.

Some Questions That You Might Expect

Some of the probable interview questions that you might face in a Malaysian university interview are listed below. But please remember that they are not absolute for every other institution you are interviewing for:

Q1.Why have you chosen our college?
Q2.Why do you want to pursue this particular course?
Q3.What do you have to say about the topic--- “Malaysia as an educational center”?
Q4.Do you know anything about the history of our country?
Q5.Do you read newspapers?
Q6.What do you think are the secrets of success?
Q7.Do you think handphones are a luxury or a necessity?
Q8.What do you know about the culture of our country?

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