Preparing for Interview Massachusetts Institute of Technology - MIT (USA)

As most of the academic institutions conduct student interviews after taking their written examinations it is always advisable for students to start preparing themselves for the personal interviews right after their written tests- even before receiving a call for the much coveted interview.  If you have just received a chance to interview for the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology - MIT (USA), then make sure that your credentials are backed by sound interview preparations from your end and that you are leaving no stones unturned to ensure that your research- be it about the institute itself or the interview questions asked here is full proof. Here are some preparation tips that can be followed as you start preparing for the interview with Massachusetts Institute of Technology - MIT (USA).

Know About the Institute:  No matter which academic institute you are interviewing for, there are some general rules that should always be followed. One of those general rules is that you must ensure that you are duly learning about the specific institute you are interviewing for. It is very important. This requirement stands true for future professional interviews as well. If the interviewer finds out that you have not even bothered to acquaint yourself with the history and the present exploits of the institution/organization you are interviewing for then he will not really be too impressed. MIT does not really believe in judging interviewees from their papers or their test scores. They are more interested in basing their decisions after meeting interviewees in person. So know for a fact that the personal interview itself will turn out to be a different ballgame than that of the written test. The institute has an illustrious presence in the field of research and education. The members of the institute are particularly motivated by the urge to serve the nation by means of technology, science and other areas of scholarships. Learn more about its awards, history, present ranking, illustrious faculty, varsity programs etc. Search its website thoroughly and try to find out blog entries about interviews. If there is a mail id specified for meeting possible interview related queries of candidates, then please use it to send your queries, if you have any.

Stick to Basics: After you have acquired due knowledge about the institution make sure that you are following the general interview tips diligently:

  • Dress appropriately- It can be casual but not embarrassing
  • Prepare questions both of which are exclusively asked at the intuition and generally in institutions
  • If you are particularly interested in bringing some materials or an activity list in a bid to demonstrate your personal interests you can inquire if you would be able to do that or not
  • If you have senior family members or acquaintances hailing from the university do not forget to seek relevant advice from them
  • Be yourself!

Possible Interview Questions You May Expect

Q1.Why do you want to get an admission here?
Q2.What are your future goals? (Here it would be preferable if you answer how MIT would help you with that)
Q3.How good a team player do you think you are?
Q4.Please tell us about your interests a bit
Q5.Have you ever worked on an extremely difficult problem with a very short deadline?
Q6.Are you consulting adjunct profs?
Q7.Do you believe in challenging yourself outside classroom as well?

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