Preparing for Interview University of Michigan - Ann Arbor (USA)

Preparing for an interview for a prestigious institution like the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor (USA) can turn out to be nerve racking, initially. But there is no need to panic. The reason why you have been called for the interview testifies to the fact that the institution itself is confident of your candidature after reviewing your application or else your written examination papers (whichever the case may be). Your job would be to justify their confidence in you, by preparing yourself properly for the all important interview. Make sure that you treat this chance as a once in a lifetime opportunity and are leaving no stones unturned to turn the situation in your favor. If you are feeling overconfident about the interview after those extraordinary scores in the examinations, know for a fact that a face to face interview is much different from a written test. Confidence and not overconfidence is the name of the game here. Make sure that you are preparing yourself duly for this rendezvous. Listed below are a few ways to do the same:

Start Early: Make sure that right from the time you send an application to the university you start preparing yourself. It is suggested as you might not get enough time to do the same after receiving the interview call. Make sure that you are adopting a systematic approach for the same. Break down your preparation routine in the manner described below:

Preparing General Interview Question Asked at Universities (This would also include the behavioral questions)
Preparing Interview Questions based on your subject/course
Conducting research on the history of Preparing for Interview University of Michigan - Ann Arbor (USA)

Checking the website of the concerned university thoroughly in order to find out duly about recommendations, standardized tests and their scores class rank (if any importance is attached to it or not), extracurricular activities etc--- it will give you an idea about your standing as candidate and about the university and its preferences

Making sure that your certificates and relevant documents are in place so that they can be produced as soon as they are asked for in the interview

Steer Clear of Being Superficial

  Make sure that you are steering clear of superficiality while answering. This stands particularly true for questions related to extra-curricular activities. Say that you have been actively involved in activities only when you have been associated with a single club but have several accomplishments as a leader to your credit. This would be more effective than your association with several clubs but with minimal participation.

Some Questions that You Can Expect

Q1.Why do you want to study in our college?
Q2.Why do you want to pursue this course?
Q3.What can you tell us about your extra-curricular activities?
Q4.What do you know about this university?
Q5.What can we expect from you as a student?
Q6.Have there ever been failures of commitment from your end in the course of your academic life?

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