Preparing Interview for Australian University

If you are gearing up for an admission interview in any of the Australian universities then you should make sure that you are conveying a sense of determination from your end. You might have passed through a number of written tests in order to interview for the position you are interviewing for. But please remember that the interview is the place to convey your mettle in such a manner in which your test scores can't. A face to face interview is a different ballgame from that of written tests and you have to prove that you have the confidence to ace such a significant rendezvous with due aplomb. Here are certain tips to do the same:

Start Your Preparations Early: Yes, if the interviewers have taken the trouble to inform you way before the interview, you should be diligent enough to start your preparations way early as well. Jot down common interview questions. Make sure you clear have answers as to why you have chosen that particular university and the course. It would be great if you conduct some research about the academic course you have opted for. It is quite obvious that as a student, you will have the elemental knowledge about what your  subject has to offer. But try to find out about some interesting and lesser known facts as well. It would be great if you know about the culture, history and a bit about the history of Australia as well.

Dress: It is advisable that you dress for the occasion thereby steering clear of casuals. If you are not really confident about the dress code of the institution then you should stick to the conservative style.

Some Questions You Can Expect

Q1.Why are you particularly interested to study in this university? Are you considering some other university as well?
Q2.Have you ensured that you have always met project deadlines in your college life?
Q3.What do you think should be the ideal role played by the faculty in shaping the future of students?
Q4.What kind of research have you done on the course you have applied for?
Q5.Do you know anything about the history and etiquette of our country?
Q6.Tell me one reason why you think that you are the best person that I can choose.
Q7.What are your views on the present generation of professors?
Q8.Please share your views about the present education system.
Q9.Tell us in detail about your last project.

These are some of the probable interview questions generally asked at prominent universities in the country though there might always be variations with specific institutions. They are asked so that you can open up before the interviewer and he gets to know a bit about your past experiences. They are not meant to intimidate you at any measure. So be confident and answer.

Now that you have acquired some idea about how to prepare for an interview for an Australian university, please make sure that you are also going through the list of Interview "don'ts":

  • Do not forget the interviewer's name
  • Do not resort to lies
  • Do not end every answer with a simple yes or no.
  • Do not forget to pose interesting questions about the faculty and students and the university courses

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