Princeton University New Jersey (USA)

Situated in Princeton, New Jersey (United States of America) Princeton University is a private research institution. It derives its rich legacy by being one of the nine Colonial colleges that was established before the American Revolution. Interviews in this college are not conducted on a mandatory basis. However, the university wants that its applicants get a chance to meet an alumni volunteer. This rendezvous helps students to get a hang of the ambience of the university while the people representing the university also get a chance to know the candidate well. In the undergraduate level, the interviewer conducts a meeting with the applicant in a nearby area. The interviewer’s comments are then included in the review of the application. If you have decided to appear for the interview there are some tips that you should follow in a bid to make an impression. Go through the points mentioned below in order to be duly informed in this regard.

Please remember that no matter for whichever kind of interview you are appearing for, conducting due preparations remains your prime responsibility. Be it a vocational or a professional interview- each kind demands its own type of preparation whereby you are able to consolidate your credentials. As you are appearing for a university admission interview, make sure that you are taking the trouble of brushing up your subject (for which you are applying) properly. The Internet today offers a vast resource that can be referred to in this regard. You can jot down questions that are relevant to your subject and prepare answers accordingly. Besides the subject specific questions, try and go through the general behavioral interview questions posed. Doing this will help you in framing answers duly as well. Though behavioral interview questions seem to pose no real threat, they can actually turn out pretty nerve racking with you finding it difficult to memorize particular incidents that you would like to highlight to prove your point, for, say, a question like- "Do you think you can work well under project deadlines?" Try and find out the kind of behavioral questions that you’re likely to face and jot down relevant answers in the form of points.

Go through individual interview experiences as well. This can be helpful in two ways. Firstly, it can help you with due insights into the length of time you might as well be required to wait for your turn, ways to beat interview stress, special tactics used by candidates to deal with unexpected questions etc. But please do not let negative feedback affect you.

Possible Questions that you can expect at Princeton University are listed below:

Q1.Can you please tell me about your interests as far as research is concerned?
Q2.Why have you selected this course of study?
Q3.Why do you want to join us?
Q4.How would you deal with a difficult classmate? Have you handled similar situations before? Please give us detailed examples to substantiate your claim.
Q5.What do you know about us?
Q6.Why do you think that we should select you?

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