How to prepare for Quality Auditor interview

The interview preparations for the post of Quality Auditor will require the candidate to go about the entire process in a planned manner. The individual's first and foremost responsibility would be to go through the kind of questions asked at these interviews. His sources may range from relevant books to the Internet.

As you browse through the interview questions asked to the Quality Auditor, you will find that a significant portion of the questions is directed towards your soft skills. Know the fact that the interviewer will try to test your problem-solving, team management, organizational abilities by posing a host of behavioral or situational questions. The kind of questions which you might expect in this regard are:

"How would you work on a particular problem without having clear instructions?"

"How would you respond if you suddenly found out that the tools meant for carrying out corrective measures are not up to the mark?"

Thus try to frame as many answers as possible for these questions. The key is to stay calm and confident while answering these questions. If you are a proactive then it will hardly be a problem since you can derive so many instances from your past experiences. For freshers it is advisable to keep on consulting the Internet for these questions and frame suitable answers. Don't forget to initiate relevant discussions with friends from the same field. Take help from seniors and teachers as well. They can guide you well. As a fresher it is very important to prepare answers to the questions that you come across. Don't leave your preparations incomplete thinking that you will be able to manage in the interview. If you ever think that any of the questions you come across is likely to pose problems then make sure that you clarify all those doubts by discussing with friends and seniors.

In fact some of the technical questions will also focus on your knack of solving problems. Thus prepare accordingly.

Know your job well if you really want to make a mark at the interview. Try to gain considerable knowledge about the basic and exceptional skills to be possessed by a Quality Auditor, the prevalent trends in the audit industry, various tools used for corrective measures, the importance of Quality Assurance in a firm etc. However since these jobs are more product specific you should try to gain relevant knowledge about possible job responsibilities at the company you are interviewing for. Thus please read thoroughly about the job requirements in the vacancy posted by the company. Additionally try to go through the company overview from the home site as well. This will help you to prepare yourself better.

Asides from the points mentioned above your interview preparations should also include things like checking your CV thoroughly to ensure that objectives mentioned there comply with the requirement of the company, keeping your interview dress and relevant documents arranged etc.

Quality Auditor interview- Do's and Don'ts

Quality Auditor interview- Do's

  • Prepare well
  • Dress suitably
  • Be punctual
  • Conduct yourself in an agreeable manner
  • Prepare the behavioral and technical questions separately--- knowing the basic technical terms related to Quality Auditing is important
  • Shake hands with the interviewer before leaving

Quality Auditor interview- Don'ts

  • Leave your preparations incomplete
  • Arrive late
  • Wear garish make up and unsuitable clothes
  • Fumble when asked for relevant documents
  • Sound negative or arrogant at any point of time
  • Keep your elbows on the table
  • Leave without a smile

Best Companies to Target for Quality Auditor Jobs

  • Target Corporation India
  • Ikya Human Capital Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • Quality Engineering International System

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