Interview Preparation for Radisson

Radisson, a US based hotel company under the Carlson Hospitality Group, has a large network of luxury hotels all around the world, comprising over 420 hotel properties globally. It is one of the fastest growing hotel chains in India, located in several cities in the country including New Delhi, Chennai, Calcutta, Mumbai, Shimla, Noida, Udaipur, Amritsar and Varanasi. Radisson has set several high standards in quality and professionalism in their service and hospitality, thus attracting high profile and celebrity guests. The company has over 25 hotels in different locations in the country, which includes both the Radisson Hotels and Resorts, and Radisson Blu Hotels. It has also been gradually acquiring hotels and building new ones at some of the most prominent tourist destinations in India. It is no wonder that Radisson needs people to work for them in their existing and upcoming hotel projects.

Working at Radisson

Radisson is an important part of the international luxury hotel industry. This luxury hotel industry offers professionals enriching experiences while meeting interesting personalities, staying in the finest hotels, enjoying A class facilities, tasting international delicacies, and receiving several perks along with a decent pay package. The perks for a qualified associate includes life insurance, vacation leave and holiday allowance, hotel room discounts, healthcare insurance and coverage in case of disability. Working at Radisson, or for that matter any luxury hotel, also means that employees are required to work long and flexible hours (night shifts are mandatory), be patient during pressure situations, and be polite and courteous to guests at all times.

Jobs at Radisson
Radisson, like all luxury hotels, hires professionals from different backgrounds like administration, housekeeping, finance, engineering, human resources, sales and marketing, front office, security, kitchen staff, and various other hospitality fields. Job profiles in Radisson include Bartender, Sous Chef, Room Attendant, Restaurant Manager, Front Desk Assistant, Accountant, Maintenance Engineer, Banquet Manager, Catering Manager, Steward, Food and Beverage Attendant, Executive Administrative Assistant, Catering Sales Manager, Turndown Attendant, Pastry Cook, Laundry Manager, and Human Resources Executive. The hotel company has an HR staffing department that takes care of the recruitment.

Radisson hires both freshers (above the age of 18) and professionals in specific fields. Supervisory positions are given to professionals with ample experience and qualifications. If you are interested in working at Radisson, you can submit your resume using the link in the Radisson website. The company also has an employee referral program, announces vacancies in job sites like Naukri and SpanJobs, and conducts campus interviews in Hotel Management Institutes.

Recruitment Process at Radisson

Radisson recruits people through the interview process. It may take a day or about 3 weeks, depending on the job position, urgency and qualification of the candidate, for a new employee to be inducted. For an entry level position, candidates need to go through a primary phone interview and then a face to face interview with a Radisson senior employee in a supervisory position. If you are an experienced or a qualified professional in a specific field, you may need to take a number of interviews, apart from a phone conversation, before getting the job offer. For example, the interview process followed for the position of a Human Resources Executive comprises four stages: 1) HR Round, 2) Head of Department Round, 3) General Manager Round, and 4) Corporate Process. These interview rounds, although, might not be followed for other candidates and positions. Radisson reserves the rights for the interview process and decides the process according to the candidate’s experience and qualification.

Interview Preparation for Radisson

  • Read up on Radisson, its chain of hotels, services and standard of hospitality, competitors, and any recent news about the company and the hospitality industry. Employers want to know how interested you are in the company and the job. You can refer to the Radisson Hotel website, national newspapers and magazines for this.
  • If you have prior experience in the hospitality industry, make sure to know about your previous company. Read the previous company’s newsletters and associated literature to stay updated.
  • Practice meditation and yoga to calm your nerves before the interview day.
  • Make sure to groom yourself before appearing at the interview.
  • Carry your resume and certificates to your interview.
  • In the hospitality industry, appearances matter. So, dress appropriately and smartly to make the winning impressions.
  • Do not lose your cool during the interview, interviewers want to assess your ability to handle stress and pressure situations
  • It is best to be polite and non-confrontational to get the job.

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