Reappearing in an Interview after Rejection

Normally, the hiring process designed by HR professionals is quite a long drawn process. There are multiple tests to screen candidates and finally choose one that is most suitable for the post. So, cracking a rigorous process like this one can be quite tricky.

If you have not been able to do get through your first interview attempt, there is no need to feel discouraged or incapable. As the saying goes, there is always a second time. However, appearing in a particular company after being rejected once can feel quite awkward and could make you come across as a desperate person. However, with the right preparation, you will be able to attend an interview a second time and even do much better than your first attempt.

Know About the IT Industry: As a potential job seeker itís least likely that you are completely lacking even a general idea about Information Technology. As one of the crucial contributors to our economy, happenings in this sector always make it to the headlines. Be duly aware of the recent news and views making the rounds so that you yourself are not only keeping abreast of the latest happenings but are duly shaping your own views about the industry as well.

When to Apply:

If you feel like a particular post is going to significantly change your career, make sure you reapply. The only thing that you may lose out is time. After the first rejection, if you have actually increased your credentials and qualifications, you must definitely reconsider an application to that post.

It is a great advantage if you have not received a formal rejection letter. In such cases, your potential employers may not even know that you had been rejected once. Also, the criteria and the pool of applicants change with time, giving you a better shot at bagging that job offer.

If you notice the vacancy not filling up for a significant amount of time, then it is definitely worth reapplying. Sometimes, a job posting may get re-listed, giving you an opportunity for a second attempt.

Few significant things to consider

Before you actually get to the interview, there are a few things that you must take care of. Your cover letter is the most significant thing in making the employers reconsider you. Make sure that your cover letter includes details about how convinced you are about the work environment and the performance of the particular company. You must also include what improvements you have made in your profile that makes you more suitable for a particular post the second time around.

Preparing For the Interview

When you are reappearing for an interview, a little preparation is necessary. Since you have already given it one chances, you have several pointers that can actually help you fare well the second time. When you receive the rejection notice the first time, make sure to ask for a feedback so that you know the reason. †Study it thoroughly. Make sure you go over all the negative points in order to improve your performance. There might be a few instances in the previous interview where you felt some shortcomings. Ensure you address your personal criticism as well. If you felt like you were weak technically or communicatively, work on it before you attempt again.

If you really want to test your chances, send an email or a letter marked to the person in authority. Most often, positive attitude and sustained interest will encourage employers to call you back. Whenever a new hiring process starts, these hiring personnel never disregard previous candidates. However, they might forget to send you a second call for various reasons. Make sure you seize the day and let them know that you are interested and available to fill the post.

Last Updated On:10/09/2013

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