Reasoning questions in Bank Exam, Topics to cover and how to prepare

Reasoning questions in Bank Exam:

Logical Reasoning Questions

1.Please read the paragraph and answer which statement does it support---- “Owing to huge profits in smuggling, the trade is becoming popular among many people who are thus engaging in this illegal activity. Some of these smugglers have become millionaires in a very short period of time. The trade is facilitated by the presence of a vast coastline on the Western and Eastern Coasts of India. Smugglers have sometimes also been arrested by police after raids, ambushes and seizures. Still smuggling continues as smugglers make huge profits.” --- (a) Smuggling has to be suppressed in India. (b) The authorities are very strict against smugglers (c) Smuggling is popular since it is profitable (d) Smuggling has an adverse effect on the economic development of the country.
2.Pick the odd one out from the options--- (a) basil (b) mayonnaise (c) parsley (d) dill
3.Pick out the right analogy—If marathon is a race what is hibernation--- (a) bear (b) winter (c) sleep (d) dream
4.Which one of these goes with “quart”--- (a) liquid (b) gallon (c) milk (d) ounce?
5.Please read about the situations carefully and answer what should be done in the circumstance: “A principal of a school has received complaints of bullying during the recess period. So he wants to take immediate actions to curb it. He asks his recess aides to report any instances of bullying in the school premises.” Tell us which one of these incidents should be reported----- (a) Two children are playing basket ball and arguing over a goal (b) A girl is surrounded by four other girls and it seems that her school bag has been snatched away from her by the girls (c) A girl is sitting with a grave face on a bench alone and not talking to her peers (d) A group of boys are checking out a boy’s high end mobile which should not have been used inside the school.
6.If odometer matches mileage what should a compass match with--- direction, speed, hiking or needle?
7.Fill in the blanks with the correct number in the series: 544, 509, 474, 439, _______.
8.Look at the sequence of the words: palette easel brush. Now fill in the blanks with the correct word--- textbook lesson plan ______ (a) report card (b) teacher (c) artist (d) painter
9.Pick the odd one out: (a) steering wheel (b) tire (c) car (d) engine.
10. Which one of these is necessary for “harvest”--- crop, autumn, stockpile or tractor?
11. Statements:
No drum is a guitar
Some violins are flutes
All guitars are violins
Now pick the correct conclusion--- a) Some drums are flutes b) Some violins are guitars--- do both of them follow or neither is correct?

Other Reasoning Questions

12. Say how can the word CONFEDERATION be written in code language--- (a) CPOEFEFRBUJPO (b) CPOGFEDRBUTPO (c) CONFFDERATION (d) CNOEFEFRBUHNO (e) By none of them
13. Soumitree remembers that the previous year Durga Puja was celebrated after May but before November. Kitu remembers that Durga Puja was celebrated in a month which had 30 days. Raghav remembers that Durga Puja was celebrated after his vacation in July. In which of these months was the festival celebrated then ---- (a) October (b) July (c) September (d) August (e) November
14.“X” is east of “Y” and west of “Z”. P is south west of Z and “Y” is south east of R. What should be the farthest West---- (a) Z (b) X (c) R (d) Y?
15.Find out the incorrect number from the following series--- 7  12  40  222  1742  17390  208605
16.Ravi, Lata, Terrance and Jignesh have different weights. Terrance is only heavier than Lata. Ravi is not as heavy as Jignesh. Who among these do you think is the heaviest--- (a) Ravi (b) Lata (c) Terrance (d) Jignesh (e) None of them (f) cannot be ascertained.
17. Ravi traveled from point B for 10 feet east to C. He then turned back and walked for 3 feet. Then he turned again and walked 14 feet. How far is he from the starting point ---- 5 feet, 25 feet 4 feet or 24 feet?
18. Ravi earns twice in the month of January double of what he earns on other months. What part of his total earning does he earn in January --- a) 3/14 (b) 2/11 (c) 1/6 (d) 2/13
19. Find out the incorrect number from the following series--- 9050   5675   3478   2147   1418   1077  950
20.How can the word “FEVERISH” be written in code language---- (a) EFUFRJSI (b) EDVDRJSI  (c) EDUFRJSI (d) EFUFRHSI (e) None of them
21.If arranged properly one of these is not a river of India----- (a) IHSOK (b) ADAMRAN (c) pruiaJ (d) ANUMAY
22.Pick out the incorrect number in the series---- 6  91  584  2935  11756   35277  70558
23.Pick the odd one out--- lava, sand, rock, stone, sugar
24.How many words can you form in English with SFTI, using one letter only once and beginning with F?
25.Fill in the blanks with the correct letters--- AC BE DH _____ KQ.
26.Sanjay started traveling 8 km north from point X to Y. Then he turned right and traveled 7 km to point Z. From this point he took right and started driving 5 km to P and the turned right again traveling 7 km to point Q. Then again for the final turn to further right traveled 3 km to point R. State the distance between Y and R.
27.In a dance class 3/4th of the boys are more than 160 cm in height. There are 18 such students. The number of boys is 2/3rds to that of the total strength of the class. State the total number of girls in that case.
29. How would the word JUDGE be coded if WRITE is coded as XSHUF and FIGHT is coded as GJFIU (a) VKCFH (b) KVCHF (c) KVDHF (d) KVEHF (e) HFEKV
30. Reeta was born on 6th September 1970 which was a Saturday. Which will be the first year after 1970 when her birthday again will fall on a Saturday?
31.There are a total of 19 football players in a team. One day 14 of them were wearing football shirts and 11 of them were wearing football pants. No one was without at least a part of their uniform. How many of them wearing full uniforms?
32. Find the odd one out---- FPILG, ISLOJ, NXQTO, LUOQM, AKDGB
33.If RUST is coded as QVRU, how will LINE be written--- KMJF, KJLI, KJMF, KJME or none of them?
34.How can you write IMPOSING if FRAGRANCE is written as SBHSBODFG--- (a) NQTPJOHJ (b) NQPTJHOJ (c) NQPTJOHI (d) NQPTJOHJ
35.Which word should appear first if the words ---- Neighbor, Night, Near and Negative are arranged in alphabetical order?
36.How will you write COBRA if ZEBRA is written as 2652181--- 31822151, 302181, 1182153 or 3152181
37.In the following sequence state the number of digits that are followed by a symbol--- A E C B % 7 D $ E B 5 C ? 3 D E 9 @ 2 #
38.A long rope has to be cut and divided into 23 pieces. How many times would you need to cut it if it is double folded---- 23, 9, 12 or 11?
39.If SECTOR relates to RTERBN, to which word does FLOWER relate to---- RWLEPD, RWLGPF, RWLEND, EOFKUQ or EOFMXS?
40.Find the odd one out---- Cow, Horse, Fox, Dog , Camel
41.Complete the pattern--- AD, FC, HK, MJ, ____.
42.Satish reached Delhi on Friday. He found that he was two days before the interview schedule. How late would he be if he had reached next Wednesday instead?
43.Pick the odd one out--- Love, ace, goal, volley, serve
44.Mouli walks towards east from point X, then turns right at point Y and walks the same distance to as she had walked towards the east. She then turns left walks and stops at Z after walking the same distance. State the distance between X and Z.
45.How will you write SANCTION if MAJORITY is coded as PKBNXSHQ--- TBODSHNM, TBODMNHS, DOBTOPJU, DOBTMNHS or none of them
46. Choose the correct option--- On Tuesday at 1 pm a watch is 1 minute slow and the same is 1 minute fast at 1pm on Thursday, so state when it showed the correct time--- (a) 5.00 am on Wednesday (b) 5.00 pm on Wednesday (c) 1.00 am on Wednesday (d) 1.00 pm on Wednesday (e) none of them 47.Complete the pattern or sequence C B A A C B A A B C B A A B C C B A A B _________
48. The total strength of a class is 55. Boys outnumber girls by 15. State the number of girls in the class.
49. Among Paresh, Akbar, Rajiv, Suresh and Taslima all have scored different marks in examinations. Rajiv scored better than Paresh and Taslima. Akbar scored worse than Taslima and Suresh did not score the highest marks. Who scored the highest among them?
50.Pick the odd one out--- pastries, cakes, muffin, sorbet

Topics to cover and how to prepare
The ever increasing competitiveness for bank jobs require you to take your exam preparations several notches higher than usual. The reasoning questions perhaps make for the trickiest part of the bank examinations syllabus. They might seem very easy to answer at one look but a careful analysis will tell you that these questions are not that easy to attempt. You have to bring the best of your analysis powers to the fore to answer them . Additionally you will need some thorough practice to boost your confidence while attending these questions. Focusing solely on reasoning questions at bank exams we, today, are presenting you with the range of topics covered under this portion. As soon as the topics are covered you can straight go in to ways of preparing them.

Logical or verbal reasoning questions mainly consists of the following topics:
Analogies: Here you will be asked to provide proper analogies as directed. It won't necessarily always mean that you will be asked to provide exact analogies of given words but only related words.

Number series is where you will have to complete number patterns

Coding and Decoding series is where you will be asked to choose the correct code for a given word

Definition Matching

Making judgements from given situations

Logical problems where you will be asked to choose if a concluding statement is  True or False depending on other statements along with it

Other topics include Logical Deduction, Cause and Effect, Cause and Action, Verbal classification, choosing the essential part of a particular word, course and action, argument analysis, statement and argument etc.

Non verbal reasoning contains graphical representations which you have to analyze and answer accordingly. This part can turn out real difficult as you might as well need to complete an incomplete representation by studying and analyzing the graphics given.

Now that you are fairly acquainted with the topics to be covered you should avail the following tips to answer and practice them.

While preparing for the exams allot at least one hour for the reasoning questions--- start at least one or two months prior with your preparations

After you are fairly acquainted with the topics and almost know how to solve them dedicate a considerable part of your time to taking free online tests on a regular basis. See how much time you are taking to analyze stuff

Adopt a very calm approach towards this portion--- there is no need to rush, you might as well miss out on crucial instructions or portions of statements if you don’t pay enough attention

Lastly it is always better that you attempt these questions after finishing all the other portions so that you are completely free to focus only on them

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