Reasons You are Not Getting Calls for Interview

People do a lot of things, while applying for jobs. They create a unique and attractive resume and compose a persuasive cover letter.† Then they send their resumes to prospective employers and wait for the interview calls. †Then, they pass through the toughest phase of all, waiting ! Most of the times, they donít receive an interview call. Reasons are varied.

We have tried to present a few reasons why people donít generally get an interview call:

Focusing on big companies, brands and MNCs
You should be aware that well known companies receive thousands of resumes for even the most ordinary job openings. So, always keep your options wide open. Even the smaller and mid-sized companies offer exciting job openings and they are fun to work with, as all the big companies were small or mid-sized companies at one point of time.

Spelling or grammatical errors in a resume or cover letter†
Proof read all your papers including CV, cover letter and email cover letter.† Read it aloud and check for sentence construction and spellings. You can also hire someone (with good knowledge of English language) to proof read your CV and CL.

Not following the directions
Every company has a different set of guidelines for applying to their job openings. Some prefer resumes to be sent to a specific email address. Others ask the candidates to fill up a form on their website. Some prefer a telephonic conversation. So, do as they instruct you to do, otherwise it will never reach your prospective employer.

Not using an appropriate resume format†
You should use the resume format according to the job requirement. Chronological resumes donít work everywhere; rather they are taken as a negative point, especially in creative jobs and where there is some industry switch or frequent job switches. So, use functional resume instead, where you can focus upon your skills and expertise.

Exaggerated and flowery resume†
Don't use artificial and complicated language. Donít sing the songs of self-praise and never exaggerate your experience and skills. †Remember, you are going to face an interview and interviewer might grill you on this.

Not keeping track of company name and email fields [CC/BCC]
Never misquote the company name youíre applying to and never mention multiple email addresses in CC field of email. If you are sending your CV to multiple companies, mention their addresses in the BCC field.

Applying for job openings where you expect training to be imparted [Not qualified]
If you donít have the skill set required, donít apply for the opening. †Get the required skills and apply again in future. The employer doesnít offer you job based on your interest.

Not following up
Many employers expect you to follow up within two weeksí time to see your interest and seriousness for the job. †There are chances that they might not have shortlisted anyone for the position till that time.

Not revamping your resume according to the opening
Donít send the same resume and cover letter to every prospective employer, rather change it according to the job requirements.

Not using the specific keywords
Employers track and store CVs according to the keywords used in the CV. So, use the specific keywords for the enhanced visibility of your CV.

Not making use of networking (to find your desired job profile)
Networking is by far the best and most effective way to apply for specific job categories.† Network on LinkedIn and other online forums in your specific field and contact your ďonline contacts,Ē if an opening is advertised in their companies.

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