Rehearsal for job interview

Corporate interviews today are ruled by a number of dynamics whereby potential interviewees or job-seekers should make sure that they are duly prepared to not only ace questions with ease but also leave behind a pleasant impression on the interviewer with his/her conduct. Please remember that itís not going to be easy. Striking that much-needed balance will remain difficult without preparations. So itís advisable that you dedicate plenty of time for rehearsing the interview. Yes, rehearsals are important. You might as well be amply amused by the idea of standing in front of the mirror and rehearsing your ďlinesĒ before the job interview just as you did before your school play. But it helps. In fact, experts actually believe that rehearsals can fix the content in your mind and repeating your statements five to six times a day can aid you in making these statements your own. Here are some tips to hone your interview rehearsal skills:

Start Early: Yes, it remains the key to success. As already mentioned above, you have to invest proper time for preparing for your interview and this would only be possible if you start early- even before getting a call for an interview. Presumably you would start appearing for the interview only after you have finished your examinations. So make sure youíre applying for jobs and rehearsing for your interview simultaneously. There are a few stock questions that are asked in all interviews. You can at least start off with them.

Points to Keep In View: Rehearsing in front of the mirror at once serves several functions. Firstly, it helps you gain more confidence in terms of speaking. You might have proved to be a swell speaker at social dos and college extempore, but a boardroom interview is a totally different ball game. A lot depends on the questions faced by you, the type of interviewer you encounter and off course, the profile youíve applied for. Donít expect it to be a smooth ride from start to finish. You might as well find your self-proclaimed confidence seriously challenged by the tact and verve of the interviewer. So be prepared in advance to at least face all these possibilities with aplomb. Speaking before the mirror also presents you with a good chance of identifying and overcoming flaws in speech like fumbling, pronunciation gaffes etc. Secondly, it also helps you to get your body language, one of the crucial aspects of acing an interview. Some of the gestures that can seriously affect your body language in an interview are:

  • Avoiding looking straight in to the eyes of the interviewer while conversing
  • Keeping your hands on the table
  • Sitting with your legs crossed

Donít Lose Yourself: Itís absolutely alright to be completely focused on acing the interview, but thereís no need to fake it in order to grab an offer. There is no doubt that you need to sell yourself by highlighting your strong points and past and present accomplishments. But refrain from lying or exaggerating about your achievements. Remember to include this point while rehearsing as well.


Last Updated On:07/09/2013

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