Interview Preparation for SAIL

Steel Authority of India Limited also known as SAIL, is a New Delhi based steel making organization. It has the reputation of being one of the largest steel makers around the world and is counted among the top five profit earners in the nation. Given the profile of the company, SAIL is undoubtedly a desirable organization to work for. A job in SAIL can be very rewarding and therefore, hundreds of professional individuals aspire to pursue their career in the organization.

SAIL application and selection process:

If you are also looking to apply for SAIL, then here are the steps of application and selection process:

Step 1: Fill out an application form, which you can find online or collect it from the SAIL registered/branch offices.

Registered office address: Ispat Bhavan, Lodi Road, New Delhi 110003.

Step 2: Next you would have to pay the application fee. Application fee is different for different positions. You will find a chart on SAIL website (, which states the different positions open in different locations. SAIL has its account with SBI, where you will have to deposit your application fee based on the position you want to apply for.

Step 3: Once your application form is submitted and fee is deposited within the given time. Your next step would be waiting for your interview call. SAIL interviews are usually divided into two parts. First being a written interview and second, personal interview.

Once you have cleared the written interview. You would get a call for the next round, which is a personal interview. However, your final selection will depend on your performance in both the rounds.

SAIL interview preparation:

Preparing for SAIL interview would include preparing for behavioral questions, subject specific questions, and general knowledge questions.

Subject specified question will depend on the position and type of job you are applying for. Usually the interviewers ask question related to your work experience and your field of specialization. This helps them analyze how well you understand your job and line of specialty.

Next comes general knowledge questions. For this you need to keep yourself updated about everything happening around the world. A very good way of doing it is keeping a track of world news. Follow national and international news channels and read newspapers. Internet can make this entire process much easier. Subscribing to news channels and newspapers online is very convenient.

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