How to prepare for SBI clerk job Interview

Once you have prepared your questions and answers, your next step would be learning about interview etiquettes. This is a very important part for any interview. Wrong attitude and behavior can narrow down your chances of getting the job. Hence, here are some interview tips for SBI Clerk job to help you prepare better for your interview.

Greetings: the first impression on your interviewers is very important; one should always try to make it a lasting one. It starts rights from your entrance. A courteous good morning/ good after noon/ good evening is a good way to begin.

Dress code: for any interview it's ideal to wear formals. A set of properly ironed formal clothes is always recommended. Right clothing contributes a great deal in making that perfect first impression.

Eye contact: while interacting with your interviewers, never forget to maintain eye contact with them. Eye contact shows your confidence level. Looking randomly around the room is something you should definitely avoid.

Answers: your answers need to be short, simple and to the point. Do not waste your's or your interviewer's time by making your answers long. Keeping your interview's interest is something you should focus on. And long answers usually work against it. Be confident in whatever you say and avoid using fillers (um, actually, so, etc.). Also, if you don't know the answer to a particular question, you should mention that to your interviewers. Never give random answers.

Punctuality: It is also a very important factor that affects your interview. Make sure you are at the interview venue at least half an hour before your scheduled time. Being late shows that you are serious about your interview and is definitely something you should avoid.

Following the instructions given above is surely going to help you prepare better for your SBI Clerk interview. So go ahead, do your bit and if things go right, you might just be the one who goes home with the job. All the best!

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