Interview Preparation for SDG

SDG, Strategic Decision Making, is a well known and trusted name in the field of management consulting. SDG is known for its specialist services in crucial management protocols like strategic decision making, value creation and risk management.

Name and fame of SDG is an aspiring career gateway to students & professionals. Every year thousands of people from across the world apply for and appear in the interviews for openings of different designations at SDG. Being an SDGer is a matter of proud for those who have succeeded in getting in SDG, and a dream/desire for several eyes and hearts.

How to Prepare:

To appear in an interview with SDG, you need to be fully prepared and for that you must start preparing for the interview way ahead of the actual interview date. You must identify, analyze and be prepared for every aspect and stage of the interview.

Knowing the Career Path at SDG

The first stage of career with SDG is that of a consultant or business analyst. The usual career growth path of a consultant is:

Consultant ---> Senior Consultant ---> Senior Engagement Manager ---> Partner

While as a business analyst, graduates get a fabulous platform to learn and grow. The career as a business analyst starts as a trainee assigned on a 2-3 years' project.

Identify the hierarchal position and designation you are applying for, prepare well for it and earn yourself a chance to associate with the collaborative and team oriented SDG.

Stages of a SDG Interview

Depending on the designation in call to be filled, campus interviews (for Business Analyst, Consultants, Summer Consultants/Trainees) or general office premise based interviews are conducted. Generally a written test, group discussion and personal interview rounds are conducted. At middle hierarchy level a few more rounds could be there like HR round, etc.; while at a senior level the scenario could be totally different.

Interview Prerequisites

Basic pre-interview preparation for SDG would include:

  • Before you start your interview preparation, first know about the company, SDG, and the value of being an SDGer, for which you could be tested.
  • You must know about the general rules and etiquettes of a workplace.
  • Remember that the interviewers are in need of a right person to fill the position and they expect you to be that right person; now all you need to focus on is to ensure that you are that person, you match their requirements and convince the interviews of your worth.

Interview Tips

SDG interview is nothing inextricable; all you need is match yourself with the SDG’s requirements and standards. Show them your worth and they will give you your desirable. Having known the company now you must:

  • Know the designation you are applying for. Learn about the required skills to fulfill the job’s demands. Match your skills with the job. If any, try to fill in the gaps that come forth in your candidature and prepare your answers and backup for those shortcomings.
  • Prepare and practice mock interviews.
  • Practice common or frequently asked interview questions.
  • Also surf the internet to learn and read the interview experiences of candidates who appeared in SDG’s job interview(s). Learn from their experiences, know the interview skills that helped them or lack of which drew them back.
  • Analytical skills are a must to possess for an SDGer. Candidates are asked to do analytical/strategic decision oriented case studies, in interviews. Surf the internet or interview question banks and practice such questions.
  • One simple, but very important tip is, to keep your mind cool and composed. A cool and relaxed mind is many times much efficient at analyzing a situation and probe for the best solution.
  • While answering avoid telling stories. Keep your answer short and precise. Do not lie or exaggerate, the interviewers come with years of experience and are expert at catching such lies.
  • If you are applying for senior position, along with your analytical and decision making skills, your leadership skills will also be tested. Please do not get too excited and jump uninvited/unnecessarily. Analyze the situation/question in terms of its relativity, the requirement of situation, etc.; and then act/answer.
  • Must to have skills for an SDGer are: Good Communication, Collaborating, Analytical Ability, Initiative, Empathize Client’s Situation, Team Player, Responsible & Answerable, Decision Maker, Well Mannered, Follow Ethics and Moral Values, Innovative & Creative, Risk Management, etc. Do you have them in you?
  • Express your excitement to associate with the SDG, prepare the point that attracts you to associate with SDG and ask questions in the interview.
  • Get interview advice with previous employees & interview experts.
  • Update and customize your resume and cover letter according to the designation and job description you have applied for.
  • Filter out the most nailing out skill/requirement/experience or qualification related to the job. Using it in your answer or while giving your introduction will help you win an ace in the interview.
  • Follow all general tips advised for before and the interview day.

Last Updated On: 18/04/2013

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