Second Interview Preparation

Second interviews are perhaps the most important phase in a professional’s career. This interview represents an opportunity to do better in terms of remuneration and overall job profile. So it is vitally important to be well prepared so that the whole process goes well and candidates are successful in achieving their career goals.

Interview Tips

Be prepared for different types of interviews: The ways in which second interviews are conducted tend to differ with respect to each company. Certain companies conduct day long interviews where candidates get to meet important members of management and future colleagues. Some organizations also arrange panel interviews. So prepare accordingly in order to avoid getting caught off guard.

Double your preparation: Getting the call for a second interview means your chances of landing the job are pretty high. However, you still need to prepare twice harder compared to your first interview. Second interview questions are normally more direct and harder.

You can locate areas of strength and core competencies that you did not mention during the first interview. This will serve as fresh information for interview panel. Your research about the company should be more comprehensive than before – review their website, read up thoroughly on the management team and the newest press releases. This knowledge comes in handy during the interview and also impresses the recruiters.

Reassess your first interview: It is important that you make notes during the first interviews and then review them before appearing for the second interview. You should be aware of the qualifications they are looking for in a candidate and the company besides thinking about the questions where you faced difficulties in answering. Try to prepare adequately for these areas for a successful second interview.

Stay relaxed during the interview: it is imperative that you stay in a relaxed state of mind so that you are able to focus properly on answering the questions put to you to the best of your ability. You should remember that the company has called you for a second round because the management likes what it sees and thinks you are good enough for the particular profile and try and present yourself accordingly.

Try to put questions from your end: Before appearing for the second interview ask for a full description of your prospective job profile. You need to make sure that the company environment and management are compatible with your preferences. Also clarify any doubt that you have regarding your profile. You can also ask the recruiters about the general work culture and the importance of your designation vis-à-vis the company set up and overall business objectives. It is better if you try to get a hang of the expectations the company has from you in the first couple of months.

Try not to agree hastily to a job proposal: If your interview is a successful one it is likely that you will be offered the job right on the spot itself. It is always better to ask for a day or two from the employers, come back home and think objectively about the offer. It is also important to try and negotiate a satisfactory pay packet as the subject inevitably comes up following successful second interviews.

Always say thank you after the interview: Always remember to thank the interviewers for their time after the interview. You can accomplish this through a short quick letter or a thank you note. Also express your interest in the company and the job in the note.

Try answering confidently: Always be aware of strengths and weaknesses as a professional and an individual. Answer appropriately during the interview and be precise but also avoid answering in monosyllabic words like yes and no.

Following are some practical suggestions for candidates appearing in second interviews:
  • Be aware of the names and surnames of prospective interviewers
  • Be measured in your answers
  • Try reaching at least 15 minutes before the interview
  • Do not use regular words such as challenging and nice – try to come up with something new
  • Take every important telephone number
  • Let the interviewers complete their questions and listen to them
  • Dress in a corporate style
  • Avoid talking on irrelevant topics
  • Carry several copies of your resume
  • Do not smoke prior to the interview
  • Take business cards of your interviewers so that you may thank them later personally
  • Always be honest with your answers
  • Express keenness to land the job
  • Maintain corporate etiquette
  • Make eye contact with the interviewer
  • Rest well before the interview
  • Do not sit before you are asked to
  • Try to interact with other company officials who may not be involved in the interview process

Interview Questions

Tell us about yourself: This is the question that typically starts majority of the second interviews. You should understand that the company is more or less aware of your qualifications and professional capabilities and is looking to explore your individual and cultural self. So try to answer accordingly.
The reasons for wanting to work in the particular company: This question allows you to show your knowledge of the company and impress the recruiters. You can highlight the positive aspects of the company’s aspirations and then describe how you can make a positive contribution to the same. Always make sure that you know what you are speaking and answer sincerely. You should also be able to explain any statement you make about a company.

Following are some other questions that you can expect during the second interviews:
  • What are your goals for the coming 3 years?
  • What is your notion of an ideal job?
  • What do you want to achieve in the next 5 years?
  • What is your conception of an ideal boss?
  • What are your core competencies?
  • How would you like your boss to describe you?
  • Where do you think you can be lacking?
  • How would you like your colleagues to describe you?
  • What are you doing to make sure you reach your goals?
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