Stanford University

The Stanford University, alternately known just as Stanford is a private research university, located in the northwestern Silicon Valley near Palo Alto. Counted as one of the best when it comes to imparting knowledge in various Natural and Physical Sciences, Stanford is the place to be when it comes to interactive learning at its best. Biochemistry, Biology, Chemical and Systems Biology, Geological & Environmental Sciences, Chemistry and Physics are some of the leading Natural and Physical Sciences courses offered here.

Interview Preparation

Your preparations for the Stanford University interview should begin with you exploring its website thoroughly. Now, each of the leading universities, has devised variant interview processes for their prospective students. While most of these universities have made the interview (in the application process) an optional one, all of them encourage students to avail the option of meeting the alumni during the interviews.

Stanford University, similarly, conducts an optional interview for its undergraduate hopefuls. Itís alumni interview program has just started off and is a developing initiative of the Office of Undergraduate Admission.

Whatís the Purpose of the Interview here?

The alumni here conveys their passion for the university and their overall knowledge to the aspirants.

The alumni, after conducting the interview, conveys their impression about each student to the admissions committee.

Now, since the purpose behind the interview is clearly mentioned in the website of the university, you should take steps to prepare accordingly. Just as the alumni is ready to share their passion for Stanford, be ready to speak about your willingness to join the university as well. A thorough research on its past is necessary, so that youíre actually aware of the illustrious history of the institution that you soon might be a part of. But, make sure that youíre focusing on its present- its faculty heading the particular Natural Science department that youíre going to study, its science courses etc, so that youíre clearly able to convey that there is no conflict between your ambitions and the values endorsed by the university. Once youíre able to do that, you can expect to make an impression on the interviewer.

Be ready to engage in some casual but meaningful conversation with the alumni. Donít fret or get nervous. You can relax and still make an impression by speaking about your course of study, your first interests, why you like it etc. The Alumni would be keen to know about you beyond whatís mentioned in your application. So besides your academic interests, get ready to speak at length about your personal interests, about your general views on the more serious aspects of life etc.

Ask Questions; Engage

One of the primary reasons why the Office of Undergraduate Admission ropes in the alumni to conduct the interviews is because only a conversation with the alumni can give the prospective student an opportunity to form a better judgement about the university. These graduates have seen their ambitions and careers being shaped by the university, they have gone through the grind. They know what itís actually like to be a part of the university, of being guided by its faculty. Since, youíre getting this opportunity, utilize it properly. Donít indulge in passive listening. Ask questions, if given a chance.

Do Not Request for an Interview

Please note that the university would invite you for an interview if the same is available in your area. Though it tries its best to conduct interviews in all the local areas of prospective students, sometimes it becomes difficult for them to do so owing to limited resources in a few areas. In case, youíre not called for the rendezvous, please do not request for one, by e-mailing the university.

Possible Interview Questions

  • Why are you interested in joining Stanford?
  • How do you think your coursework would prepare you for your future?
  • We have read your application. Is there anything else that you want us to know about you?
  • What really works as a motivation for you?
  • Why are you opting for this major?

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