Swiss Fed Inst Tech Lausanne (Switzerland)

The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne is actually known as The ecole polytechnique federale de Lausanne or EPFL in Swiss. It is one of the two Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology that was founded in the year 1853. The Federal Government of the country had founded it with the main aims of educating scientists and engineers and of providing a platform for exchange of scientific ideas and views. It provides courses including PhD, Preparatory course CMS, Master, Bachelor etc. If you have got a chance to interview as a student at this institute then please remember that you would be required to prepare yourself thoroughly for the same. Here are tips with the aid of which you can do the same.

Know About the Institute: It remains the most important task in your preparation. If you are appearing for an interview here, you might as well expect the interviewer to ask you questions regarding the university. He would be particularly interested in knowing about your eagerness to join the institution. The more successful you are in cracking this type of questions, the more amply will your urge to join the institution be reflected. The fact that you have put in due efforts to learn about the past and present of the university in order to estimate your chances of shaping your career here, proves your sincerity duly. If possible, try to collect some inside trivia from seniors. However, try and cross-check the same.

Hone Your Basic Preparations: Make sure that you are brushing up your subject thoroughly. You simply cannot go wrong with your questions related to your niche. Besides, preparing questions and answers related to your own subject do sit down with the general questions asked at interview. For instance you might as well be asked something like, "Why do you want to join us?" In this case, you would definitely want to learn more about the institute, its faculty, ways it would help you in achieving your goals. It is not easy to answer these types of questions without preparations. So make sure that you are jotting these questions down and framing answers accordingly.

Prepare behavioral answers as well. Be prepared to relate incidents that amply highlight your soft skills. You might as well have to answer a question like, "How do you deal with project deadlines?" In this case you have to relate true incidents whereby you were able to submit projects on time. Jot the important points down in a bid to answer your question properly. Make sure you are attending mock interviews in a bid to remove possible flaws in speech and body language.

Making use of Social Media to interact with students would be a great way to make yourself acquainted with the overall culture and ambience of the place.

Possible Interview Questions at Swiss Fed Inst Tech

Q1.Why have you decided to pursue this particular course?
Q2.What kind of ideas do you have in your subject of PhD?
Q3.Why should we select you?
Q4.Please tell us about your strengths.
Q5.Please tell us about your research interests.

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